Identity card Mexico

Identity card Mexico

- Organization: Mexican United Population:  Area: 1 km² Capital city : Mexico.
- Languages: Spanish and 67 Indian languages.
- Change : mexicano peso.
- Head of É Renew for the habitant : approximately US $ 9 (US $ 950 in parity Chô rate Life expectancy: 75,2 years.

- UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

  • historic center of Mexico City and Xochimilco (1987);
  • pre-Hispanic city and national park of Palenque (1987);
  • pre-Hispanic city of Teotihuacán (1987);
  • historic center of Oaxaca and, in the vicinity: the archaeological zones of Monte Albán (1987), Mitla and Yagul (2010);
  • historic center of Puebla (1987);
  • Sian Ka'an Reserve (1987);
  • Historic City of Guanajuato and Adjacent Mines (1988);
  • pre-Columbian city of Chichén Itzá (1988);
  • historic center of Morelia (1991);
  • El Tajín, pre-Hispanic city (1992);
  • historic center of Zacatecas (1993);
  • first 1994th century monasteries on the slopes of Popocatépetl, including Huejotzingo and Tepoztlán (XNUMX);
  • pre-Columbian city of Uxmal (1996);
  • zone of historic monuments of Querétaro (1996);
  • Hospice Cabañas, Guadalajara (1997);
  • Tlacotalpán Historic Monuments Zone (1998);
  • Xochicalco Archaeological Monuments Zone (1999);
  • historic walled city of Campeche (1999);
  • ancient Mayan city of Calakmul, Campeche (2002);
  • agave landscapes and former industrial installations of Tequila (2006);
  • central campus of the university campus of the Universidad nacional autónoma de Mexico (UNAM, 2007);
  • San Miguel de Allende and the Sanctuary of Atotonilco (2008);
  • Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (2008);
  • Yagul and Mitla prehistoric caves, Oaxaca valley (2010);
  • El Pinacate and the Great Altar Desert Biosphere Reserve (2014);
  • hydraulic system of the Padre Tembleque aqueduct on the Mexican central plateau (2015);
  • Revillagigedo Archipelago in the Eastern Pacific (2016);
  • valléCuicatláAmérique (2018).


The deUnis

Mexico has the United and Canada), Mexico has disUnited: the 3/4 United coughs, Mexico catches a cold. And when Trump demands American companies repatriate their operations, Mexicans tag.

Another factor of dependence: the importance of remittances, transfers of Mexican workers emigrated to the North. In 2017, their amount was estimated at more than 30 billion dollars, an average increase of 10% per year since the year 2000!

Mexico versus Trump

Since 2017, Mexico, already faced with fall in crude oil prices, is faced with the posturing of Donald Trump, which led to a certain devaluation of the peso against the dollar. NAFTA is dead, replaced in 2018 by the USMCA, imposed by the Trumpian government ...

Some dangers seem more persistent: the paper which is going well and the tax project on money transfers from Mexicans living on American soil ... A measure that would have the effect of reducing the inflow of foreign currency, while further impoverishing the poorest Mexican families left behind - at the risk of pushing for more illegal emigration ...

An economy in the hot seat

Mexican growth united, the latest indicators point to a contraction in GDP for 2019.

The efforts of economic liberalization undertaken by the government of Peña Nieto, particularly in the financial, telecommunications and energy sectors, have sought to improve competitiveness and productivity.

But many obstacles remain, starting with the corruption and colossal inequalities. Admittedly, the standard of living has improved well over the past two decades. The reality is a little less rosy: 2% of Mexicans lived in poverty. And if the minimum wage has been increased, it struggles to compensate for the importance of inflation (43,6%) and remains desperately low ...
Moreover, if the official, low unemployment rate is only around 3,4%, theinformal economy would in fact employ nearly 2/3 of the working population!
The country also remains plagued by the drug trafficking, and, even though 2016 was the year of the arrest of El Chapo, the baron of the Sinaloa cartel (second fortune in the country after Carlos Slim, according to Forbes), the clashes between traffickers and with the forces of order continues to bloody the country, constituting a real brake on its economic development.

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