Ibiza transport and travel

Ibiza transport and travel

Find your way and find your way around Ibiza

LCatalan is gradually supplanting Castilian in Ibiza (the revenge of 1715!), which sometimes leads to some difficulties of understanding for tourists. In fact, signs, street signs, as well as most recent local maps are most often only in Catalan.

Where it gets tough is that, when you ask for information orally, the name is given to you in Castilian, this language still being mainly used to communicate with foreigners ...

Finally, just to complicate things a little more, street names sometimes differ completely from one language to another : for example, calle Mayor (or main street) is sometimes referred to as “carrer d'Enmig”.

That said, don't panic, your knowledge of Spanish will still serve you well.

Most bus

Several companies, whose coordinates we give you below, share the destinations throughout the island, their prices varying according to the distances. You will find the details of the routes for each company as well as the timetables for each season on ibizabus.com.

By car

- The days of caminos, of the absence of traffic lights and old jaw harp types 4L, 2CV and Méhari are over. Ibiza has a road network downright oversized. There is even a 15 km motorway that connects Eivissa to Sant Antoni! Even if this gives the island the appearance of a gigantic shopping center, in summer, given the intensity of the traffic and the importance of the traffic jams, we do not complain! But out of season, on the other hand, it is really not terrible, moreover the inhabitants always graffiti "No cemento, no autovías".
However, there are still many dirt roads to the hills, calas and fincas, which are very pleasant to explore on foot or by bike. At the same time, the vehicle fleet has grown considerably, and rental companies of all kinds have multiplied. Heavy traffic jams ensue at the entrance to Eivissa and Sant Antoni during the months of July and August. Be careful, driving on the island, despite the beautiful roads, can be relatively dangerous because of some crazy people behind the wheel (especially at night).

- Car parks n & rsquoville. Mêréville, where you can leave your vehicle in the evening.
Attention: the pound is very active, tickets and kidnappings of badly parked cars have become a real business for the island, and the police show, in this matter, an unfailing zeal! You are informed by a triangular sticker placed on the ground (at the initial location of the car), which indicates the telephone number to dial to collect your vehicle. Poor consolation!

- Petrol pumps are quite rare outside the outskirts of the main towns, given the short distances. For the most part, they are closed on Sundays and open quite late in the morning, which is a problem if you have to return the rented vehicle in the morning, early, at the airport and with a full tank (remember to do so the day before. in the evening).

- Always have your identity papers on you, and if possible an insurance policy translated into Spanish, that can make things easier.

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