Hungary ID card

Hungary ID card

- In Hungarian: Magyarorszá Capital city : Budapest.
- Area: 93 029 km² Population: 9 inhabitants (including 778 million at 500%.
- Density Hope Change : the forint.
- Language : Hungarian (Magyar) to Head of É Head of government: Viktor Orbá Growth GDP per capita : 12 600 & euro Chô rate Human development indicator: 0,838 (48th out of 190 in 2017).

- Classified sites la Puszta (1999) Neusiedler See (2001); the Historic Cultural Landscape of the Tokaj Wine Region (2002).


As early as 1990, Hungary initiated a policy of privatization. THE'entry into the European Union May 1, 2004 marked the end of a 1st phase of Hungarian economy transition, but that did not prevent growth from weakening.

Because the country has favorable experiences, Hungary has succeeded in attracting large foreign investors.

Hungarian growth is mainly based on exports, especially to Germany. The tourism occupies a modest place in the economic landscape, but it climbed to 10% of GDP in 2017.

The unemployment rate fell sharply, reaching only 3,7% in 2018, but this improvement does not benefit everyone: many unemployed have simply been written off.

Consequences: the public deficit, after years in the red, fell below the 3% threshold required by the European Union, to stand at 2% in 2018. But at the same time, the number of people living below of the poverty line has now exceeded 14% ...

Delivery charges exceptional crisis taxes were introduced in 2010 in the areas of energy, retail and telecommunications, in order to maintain the budget deficit reduction targets. The rate of VAT of most services is the highest in Europe (27%).

The other weakness of Hungary lies in thehousehold debt for real estate and consumer goods. It is the highest of the countries of Eastern Europe.

Human rights

Former champion of the anti-communist struggle, rather liberal in his beginnings, Viktor Orbán has shifted its rhetoric strongly to the right in recent years and won the 2010, 2014 and 2018 elections through populist and ultranationalist rhetoric. Since coming to power, the leader of Fidesz, who has become Prime Minister, has increased attacks on freedoms.
Even as he assumed the rotating presidency of the European Union in 2011, he passed a constitution deemed to be liberticidal by the UN, the European Parliament and NGOs.

Sa Willingly, he only reinforced his image of "Viktator", the "villain from the East", all against a background of xenophobic rhetoric, where Orbán presents Muslims as a danger to European civilization. Since then, it has been emulated in Central Europe and even in Italy!

The new constitution

Its preCrown as a symbol of national unity and affirms in particular that “the essential frameworks of community life are the family and the nation; the fundamental values ​​of unity are fidelity, faith and love ”and that“ the foundation of the strength of community and of human dignity is work ”. It legally recognizes the “unifying virtue of Christendom for the nation”. Work, family, homeland ...

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