Hstoire Île-de-France

Hstoire Île-de-France

At the origins of Île-France

Why did you choose d & rsquode-France to say the land of the Franks. Island, probably because of the many rivers and streams which irrigate it, including the Seine, the Oise, the Marne and the Loing, which seem to surround it.

If France was not really considered a province in the past, its fate being linked to that of Paris or the kingdom of France as a whole, ancient texts reveal that it was considered a specific region from the XNUMXth century. . Its borders were then close to those of the current administrative region. But let's start from the beginning.

Sites like Pincevent (in Seine-et-Marne) or Éde-France is crisscrossed C. They settled down on the banks of the Seine in the XNUMXth millennium, developed agriculture and erected, who knows why, mysterious menhirs and dolmens in Brie.

Under Roman occupation

When Jules Céde-France, in 52 BC, he landed in a happy bazaar. The region is occupied by different peoples Celts which coexist without real union: the Silvanectes around Senlis, the Meldes on both sides of the Marne, near Meaux, the Véliocasses in the French Vexin (in Brivisara, future Pontoise), the Carnutes of the Seine at the Juine, the Senons in French Brie, Gâtinais and north of Burgundy, while the Parisii squatted an island in the Seine where they founded Lutèce.

Jules Cédessus, around 250 AD, Saint Denis, first bishop of Paris, who evangelize the region.

Prosperity under the Merovingians and the Capetians

Roman domination ends with the victory of Clovis here éde-France is covered with & rsquoDenis and Sainte-Genevièla-Chapelle in the ancient capital of the kingdom of the Franks.

L & rsquode-France returns to the center of royal domain under the CapéClair-sur-Epte (911) offers them Normandy, and credit-France. She matéGuyon.

The first centuries Augustus (1180-1223) and Saint-Louis (1226-1270). L & rsquode-France is then densely populated and practical of rich cereal crops, while the slopes of the Marne and the Seine are planted with vineyards.

In 1137, l & rsquoDenis a Véde-France: Chartres, Meaux, Mantes, Poissy ... While the Cistercians built important abbeys in Royaumont and Maubuisson.

The time of trials

À1598), then from the Sling (1648-1652) to put the region to fire and blood.

From the Ancien Régime to the Revolution

Under the 1715), Paris sees itself stealing the show. The Sun King having deGermain-en-Laye, he moved his entire court at the same time and made Versailles, a former marshy and inhospitable land, a city towards which the center of gravity of the kingdom shifts.

Paris remains the administrative capital, but in the very realities that triggered the French Revolution.

From the industrial revolution to the Trente Glorieuses

The turning point of the XIXth century-France. Réet-Marne and Seine-et-Oise.

But the most spectacular changes are induced by the Industrial Revolution, which truly changes the face of the region. The installation offactories on the outskirts of Paris and the development of railway, which brings the capital closer to neighboring towns, leading to the formation of working-class suburbs where the Ile-de-France residents converge.

The dormitories are only a few tens of kilometers away. Millions of Ile-de-France residents now commute between their homes and work in Paris, La Défense and other neighboring municipalities every day.

Reorganization of departments

Since the Law of July 10, 1964, l & rsquode-France is divided into 8 departments. According to the implementing decree, this law entered into force on January 1, 1968.

The city of Paris has become a de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne, while deet-Oise is split between Oise and Essonne.

L & rsquode-France obtained the status of administrative region in 1976.

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