How to make a success of your naturist holidays?

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Naturism: tips for a naked holiday

“All naked and tanned, in the sun, on the sand or on the pebbles”, as Carlos would say! What if that was the secret to a successful vacation today? In any case, naturist stays represent a real alternative to “dressed” vacations, see the stays now offered by some tour operators. Dedicated campsites, nudist villages, hotels and even activities such as diving or golf: there is no doubt that nudists are on the rise!

Traveling naked means traveling cheaper

The first amusing observation drawn up by a travel agency: affording a naturist holiday allows you to travel inexpensively while considerably limiting the costs associated with luggage! CQFD. This is an interesting approach because with low-cost airlines, the slightest additional kilo can generate a heavy surcharge at the airport. While on a naturist stay a small hand luggage with the essentials - don't forget the sunscreen - and your purse is spared!

The concept of vacations and naturist centers is of course not new. But we can only note that the general public's demand for this type of stay with the various tour operators on the market has only increased over the years. As demand generates supply, many naturist sites have therefore been created in France and around the world in order to welcome these somewhat unusual holidaymakers with dignity ...


Where to go for a pleasant naturist holiday in France?

Cap d'Agde is widely recognized as the French capital of naturism. This Hérault seaside resort, located about thirty kilometers from Béziers and about sixty from Montpellier, owes this title in large part to its village and its two kilometers of beaches reserved exclusively for nudists.

But there are many other places in France where nudity is king. From Berck, in Pas-de-Calais, to the Euronat center in Grayan-et-l'Hôpital in Gironde, the possibilities are numerous and very diverse throughout France. With its 335 hectares, the latter is even the largest of its kind in Europe.
And two steps away is the oldest family naturist center in the world : the CHM de Vendays-Montalivet, which opened in 1950!

Since we are in the Southwest, let's stay there. Note that the naturist area of ​​La Jenny, in Gironde, has the only naturist golf course in Europe. Six holes, spread over 9 hectares, allow holidaymakers to practice their swing in complete freedom. It is also possible to indulge in scuba diving, without a swimsuit or wetsuit. This is more practiced in warm and tropical seas… but it's up to you!

Naturism around the world

The city of Munich (in 2014) legally authorized naturism in certain strictly delimited areas of its territory.

A little further south, on the Costa del Sol, in Andalusia, many places allow holidaymakers to live naked, enjoying an idyllic setting.

But the most unusual naturist event certainly takes place in Japan. Each year, Okayama City hosts the naked man festival (At Hadaka Matsuri) and welcomes more than 9 participants, Japanese and foreign tourists. From religious tradition, the festival ends in a gigantic human melee where the goal for the participants is to touch a person, “the special naked man”, who is supposed to absorb bad luck.

And then, if you are looking for destinations that may be a little more exotic, know that it is possible to book naturist holidays all over the world. From Italy to Greece, via Brazil, Indonesia or the Dominican Republic, multiple formulas exist. So don't hesitate to talk about it in your favorite travel agency!

Travel agencies specializing in naturism

Several agencies are specialized only in this type of stays. This is the case, for example, with Mondial Naturisme or Vacances Naturistes, which includes around twenty exclusively naturist destinations in their catalog.

Naturism naturally

We think that France welcomes nearly 3,5 million naturism enthusiasts every year, whether French or foreign. Going for a walk in Adam and Eve clothes is for them far from being a simple whim or any fantasy, but rather a real philosophy which places them in total communion with nature and their body. To discover and test before judging!

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