How to have a good holiday in the Alps in winter?

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You will discover meringue peaks there and you will be able to enjoy various activities. In the rest of this article, we will explain how to have a good holiday in the Alps in winter.

Gear up to withstand the cold

To begin with, before you even go on your vacation in the Alps, you need to think about equip yourself properly to withstand the cold during your winter adventure. Don't just take warm clothes, fleeces, hats and gloves. Indeed, it is necessary to bring the essential equipment to face the difficult conditions of high mountain. If you don't want to buy everything, you can simply rent your equipment on site in the resort.

Prepare your suitcase for the ski vacation

In addition, you will still need to take various items in your suitcases such as hiking poles. This is'a good investment if you want to walk often in the snow or on frozen soils. In other words, rental is not recommended for trekking poles. It is better to buy them and thus have the luxury of choosing the ones that suit you the most. Hand support, grip, reliability, durability, quality, you have to think of everything in order to choose the best clubs possible. Do not look at the price, because they will certainly be your best allies in the powder.

To sum up, here is a list of equipment which can be practical for your winter holidays in the Alps:

  • a headlamp;
  • a gourd ;
  • snow hiking boots;
  • a thermos bag;
  • snow boots (outside of sports activities);
  • sledge ;
  • good fleeces;
  • snowshoes;
  • warm anti-chafing socks;
  • hiking poles;
  • a duvet ;
  • a windbreaker or a down jacket; etc.

Going by train or coming by car?

If you want to leave by car to reach the Alps and start your winter holidays in the mountains in the best conditions, you will have to think about equipping your vehicle. In fact, you must provide all the anti-slip material necessary for prepare your car for snowy roads. So remember to buy winter tires and chains so as not to have any problems during the journey.

However, if you don't feel like going by car, you can opt for the train to reach your ski resort in the Alps. It will certainly be easier and more practical, but you will surely have to think about renting a rental car for your stay in the mountains.

Discover all winter sports

The mountain is not just about skiing! Indeed, do not believe that mountain holidays in the middle of winter only allow you to ski. It is quite possible toexperience new emotions and sensations. And although all tourists head for the ski slopes in the Alps, you can try new winter adventures! Find out what you can do on your vacation in the Alps in the rest of this article.

Test all the hobbies

During your stay in the Alps, you can discover different extreme sports like ice climbing, mountain biking on snow, ice diving and you can even fly over the mountains in a helicopter, microlight, paraglider or even a hot air balloon.

Mountain biking on snow (or Fatbike), a new trendy sport

But if you prefer more physical activities, you can also try ski touring. You will travel great distances while enjoying sublime landscapes. For those who want to see snow-capped peaks without necessarily getting too tired, snowshoeing will be a little quieter hobby.

More the favorite activity of children is still a dog sled ride. Completely authentic and exotic, this wild ride takes you to the Far North for an unforgettable adventure. You will take the place of the musher at the head of the team to experience the mountain to the full in winter. You will enjoy !

Eat right

To finish these tips, during your holidays in the Alps, it will be necessary to eat well and in particular to have a good breakfast. Indeed, it is essential to be in shape all day in the mountains and to be able to indulge in all the activities offered.

For lunch, you can do anything focus on starches and meat by completing the whole with a salad and a piece of fruit. But for the evening, let yourself be tempted by the delicious winter cheese dishes!

Ready for your next winter vacation in the mountains? So where are you going?

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