History and key dates Los Angeles

History and key dates Los Angeles

The riots of 1992

On April 29, 1992, a white jury in Simi Valley, a reactionary white county of LA (Reagan's), scandalously acquits 4 white police officers accused of having beaten up Rodney King, a black motorist. South Central, one of the poorest neighborhoods in LA is set ablaze and attacks all symbols of consumer society with looting and arson.

The riot lasts 2 days and do 50 deaths and $ 1 billion in damage.
In July, the California Supreme Court appealed the verdict and sent the police to trial. And on April 17, 1993, at the second trial of the same police officers, 2 of them were found guilty: a verdict greeted with relief.

The 1994 earthquake

January 17, 1994, in shelters, will damage nearly 3 buildings and seriously affect the road infrastructure. Result: 000 to 15 billion dollars in damage!

The Harvey Weinstein case in 2017

Hollywood heavyweight producer Harvey Weinstein is accused of rape and harassment by dozens of actresses: shockwave around the world. The voice of women is finally released and shame changes sides.

Year 2018

Since January, the cannabis is officially available over the counter in California.

In July, on a hot night, a man destroyed with a pickaxe the star dedicated to Donald Trump located on the Walk of Fame of LA (Hollywood Boulevard).


In mid-November, California faces the deadliest fires in its history, especially around Los Angeles and Malibu.

Other historical dates

- In 1542: the portuguese navigator Top of the land that he baptizes the place Bahia de los Fumos.

- In 1769: while California was in the hands of Spain, its governor, Gaspar de Portola, led an expedition in search of Monterey Bay. He crosses, with his cavalry, the vast territory of the present city. Objective: to establish a chain of Franciscan missions and presidios (forts), linked together by El Camino Real (the royal road), in order to consolidate the Spanish hold over California. Twenty-one missions were thus created at the end of the 1771th century, including two in the suburbs of Los Angeles: San Gabriel Arcangel (XNUMX) and San Fernando Rey de España.

- In 1781: on September 4, a group of 44 vecinos pobladores (settlers), the majority Indian-Hispanic), founded an embryo colony that they call El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora La Reina de Los Angeles del Río Porciuncula, named after a saint celebrated the day before in the calendar ... A long name for a small village that will become the center of LA

- In 1822: le Mexico becomes independent from Spain and inherits California which it controls. Los Angeles is then a succession of ranches huge where one raises horses and horned animals. The rancho Rodeo de Las Aguas will become Beverly Hills, the rancho San José will become the city of Pomona, the rancho San Vicente y Santa Monica will give birth to the famous seaside resort of Santa Monica.

- In 1835: LA becomes a city full-fledged (ciudad) and the capital of Alta California. The Mexican governor continues to reside in Monterey.

- In 1846: United and Mexico, Los Angeles, like the rest of California, is united a city amé1856), LA, poorer and less known, lives from its agriculture and its plantations.

- In 1885: With the opening of the Santa Fe rail line, LA's economic takeoff can begin.

- In 1886: Horace and Daeida Wilcox, 2 emigrants, buy a large piece of land on the outskirts of the city, which they turn into a prosperous farm. The central alley of this new property is called Prospect (which will become Hollywood Boulevard). Ms. Wilcox calls her Hollywood farm "Holly Wood." Soon an empire, that of the 7th art, will be born and develop in the midst of apricot trees, orange trees and eucalyptus trees.

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