History and key dates Lorraine

History and key dates Lorraine

Celts and Romans

- Celts, here as elsewhere, are the pioneers. Déc.), The population is divided between MéC. by following tracks that lead to Trier or Belgium, coming from Lugdunum (Lyon).

The barbarians dismissed by Clovis

Before the de-remember the vase -, puts an end to the disturbances extéci will be weakened by Charles Martel and deleted the Chapel.

On the territory of the future prosperous Lorraine935), engender a Lotharingia, which s & rsquoLotharingie (Lorraine) and a Basse-Lotharingie (Brabant), the pi1431).

The beginnings of the Duchy of Lorraine

- héle-Duc, Neufchâsur-Seille, Metz gradually established a bourgeois republic.
Another threat hangs over the kingdom with the English running for the throne for one of their heirs.

The contribution of the Anjou house

Le duchéCraon) and an artistic movement imposed on René II, duke from 1473 to 1508, winner of Charles the Bold on January 5, 1477.
The winner reigns, by inheritance, over Anjou, the Duchy of Bar, Maine, Provence, Sicily and Aragon, a little too much for him. He leads a creative policy. He asserts theindependence of the Duchy of Bar facing the ambitions of François Ier.
His son Antoine is getting closer to France. He leads one of the first attacks against the Huguenots. Confirming his independence between the King of France and Charles V, he benefited from a peaceful interlude to develop the economy of the duchy.

Charles V defeated in Metz

Henri II, successor of FrançÉDizier, and provokes the Saint-Barthélemy in Paris. This civil conflict is complicated by the quarrel of succession to the throne of France.
Henri III has no heir. The Duke of Navarre, the Huguenot, is running for the throne. Charles III is also in the ranks, the Guises ready to replace him with one of their own: Henri, son of François, and his brother Louis, the Cardinal of Lorraine, are assassinated in Blois (1588).


Former adversary, Charles III approaches Henry IV, under the Tuscan pipeline, politically as well as religious, Lorraine of the nephew of Charles III.
Charles IV, in the context of the European struggles of Germain (1642).

The Thirty Years' War (1631-1661)

Lorraine is rendered bloodless, more by the troops of Nicolas-de-Port (1635) is the symbol of hate cruelty.
- plague epidemics add to the martyrdom of the Lorraine people. The military situation is not improving. 

Creation of three bishoprics

Not accepting a return to her duchy Charlotte. A way out seems to be the Empire, France and England. DespiteThé1766), father-in-law of Louis XV, elected King of Poland but driven out by Russian influence. At his death, the duchy will be attached to France in a Lorraine united with the bishoprics.

The other reign of the King of Poland

La réCharlotte left Lunéville in 1737. Stanislas found an emptied castle, in favor of François, who had become Emperor of Austria. The luster is gradually returning to furnishings.
Descendant of a large family in Poland, residing in Chambord after Marie Leszczyńska's marriage to Louis, Stanislas does not govern.
The construction of the Place Royale de Nancy (1755) is the success of this reign with the social initiatives that justify the name of Stanislas the Beneficent.
On the death of the King of Poland (1766), Louis XV eradicated all traces of regionalism, considered secondary at the time of the States General, Revolution and theEmpire.

Revolution and annexation

Lorraine supplies the Volunteers of the Vosges and Géet-Moselle. The Prussians impose the German language. They reinforce the fortifications of Metz. Nancy, from the good side of Saint-Martin Giraumont, Briey, Petite-Rosselle, Merlebach, Saint-Avold, Saizerais, Pompey, Neuves-Maisons. Relaunched after1918 armistice, these centers make believe in a Texas from Lorraine after 1950.

Story to follow

The history of Lorraine, which keeps its peculiarities, the roundups of the Jews of Nancy, RéDié, and tourism.

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