Hike and Climb Sugar Loaf Mountain

This Sugar Loaf hiking and climbing excursion is an unforgettable adventure, and a great opportunity for those who have never climbed to have their first contact with the sport. It does not require previous experience and the descent is done aboard the famous Sugar Loaf cable car.

Sugar Loaf is one of the famous tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. On this tour you will ride it through the natural environment. It is a privilege that few people have the chance to experience. The hike and ascent of the Sugar Loaf begins on the Claudio Coutinho path, where, after a 20-minute walk, you will arrive at a magnificent viewpoint of Guanabara Bay and the city of Niterói. From there, a more technical hike begins, alternating between stretches of dirt, stone ramps and magnificent lookout points.

The most vertical part of the excursion is around 20 meters high and is considered a basic level of climbing. All safety equipment is included in the tour. After overcoming the small rock climbing part, there is another technical hike to reach the observation deck called the Philosopher's Stone, which has a great view of Copacabana Beach, Pedra da Gavea and Two Brothers Hill. From the Philosopher's Stone, you can continue our hike to the top of Sugar Loaf.

The return trip is aboard the Sugar Loaf cable car, which takes you up to the Morro da Urca plateau, on the first floor of the resort, before hiking the trail back to the starting point.

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