Health and Safety United Arab Emirates

Health and Safety United Arab Emirates


Vaccinations and precautions

In addition to universal vaccinations (DTCP, hepatitis B), the following vaccinations may be recommended: hepatitis A and typhoid.
However, before departure, a consultation is recommended for frail people: elderly people, pregnant women, children, people suffering from chronic pathologies ...


Malaria is almost non-existent on mosquitoes, because mosquitoes are active all year round, especially after sunset.

People applying for a residence visa must undergo medical tests. Caution : people with HIV, hepatitis B or tuberculosis are refused a residence visa.

As a matter of course, alcoholic hygiene measures, avoiding contact with animals, avoiding crowds and large gatherings ...

Health repatriation insurance is recommended.

On the spot

Not much to you and drink plenty of water.

The Emirati from Abu Dhabi.
Tap water is drinkable, but the taste of this desalinated seawater is not very pleasant.


General security

The security situation in the United Arab Emirates is generally very satisfactory.

The Embassy points out possible risks related to the territorial conflict between the Emirates and Iran over the Tomb (small and large) and Abou Moussa islands, located in the Persian Gulf. We therefore strongly advise against approaching these three islands.

For the rest, your security will be essentially threatened by the negligence of local drivers, which completely neglect the rules of the road and the speed limits. The country has one of the highest fatal accident rates in the world! Knowing that most UAEs drive large 4x4s, you, behind the wheel of your rental Subaru or Honda, will risk the most. Caution.

If you have a mobile phone, card, equipment suitable, water reserves. If you are going on a desert excursion or trek with a local agency, check the insurance.

Sharia, habits and customs and legislation

The Emirates apply the Sharia, Muslim law. Bikinis and overly light outfits should be avoided. Of course, nudists will abstain.

We will not photograph anyone without his permission, and especially not a woman. Even the photos of certain public places may displease people who think they are in the photo.

Do not do : driving while intoxicated (alcohol level allowed while driving: 0%!), do not be drunk on the public highway, smoke a joint, eat, drink or smoke in public during a Ramadan day, insult the ruling family or pick up a woman a little nimbly ... All of this can lead you behind bars . Even kissing or showing your feelings in public can earn you a call!

Cohabitation can be sanctioned and homosexuality is considered a crime in the Emirates. We don't even tell you about an extramarital affair.

Otherwise, the importation, consumption, production or possession of narcotic drugs or substances considered as narcotics (codeine for example), even in infinitesimal quantity, are totally prohibited and severely punished. People undergoing medical treatment including codeine should have a medical certificate certifying the treatment of a disease.

It is possible for non-Muslims to purchasealcohol in a store owned by Muslims. However, it is banned in all emirates during religious holidays.

Pornographic content is prohibited.

Travel between the United Arab Emirates and Qatar

The UAE authorities have severed all diplomatic relations and suspended their air links with the Qatar. This is why travelers will not be able to get there from the United Arab Emirates (regardless of the means of transport).

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