Health and Safety Ukraine

Health and Safety Ukraine

Remember that it is currently formally not recommended to go to the Donbass (mined areas) and Crimea. 


The medical and hospital facilities are still dilapidated. Sometimes drugs are missing, and shortages of medical supplies are not uncommon.

It is recommended to be up to date with universal vaccines : DTCP, MMR, as well as TB, as well as, depending on travel conditions, vaccinations against typhoid fever, meningitis, viral hepatitis A and B, and rabies.

- Tick-borne encephalitis: no risk in the cities, nor in the countryside. On the other hand, it can strike in wooded areas, in summer only. This disease is transmitted by a tick that lives in the woods. There is an encephalitis vaccine that you just need to request before you go. Be careful, ticks can be caught very easily in parks in Kiev, such as in Hydropark. It is advisable to wear covering clothing, and to apply skin repellents. When returning from a walk, examine yourself carefully, looking for any ticks to be removed very quickly.

- Rabies: preventive vaccination is recommended for rural or prolonged stays.

- The HIV is very present in Ukraine.

Radioactive risk

Is there a risk of being irradiated even today, in Ukraine? Outside of the so-called exclusion zone, in any case prohibited, including Chernobyl and Pripyat within a perimeter of 20 km around the damaged plant, the levels of radioactivity returned to normal, and the country does not present no major risk in this area.
The exclusion zone is delimited by the Belarusian border and by the following localities: Strakholissya, Medvin, Gubin, Dytyatky, Stari Sokoly, Novi Sokoly, Tcheremoshnya, Martynovychy, Zelena, Polyanalimitee, Polisske and Viltcha.
The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates that "the nuclear risk has significantly decreased since the final shutdown at the end of 2000 of the last Chernobyl-type reactor".


Deprecated regions

The Foreign Ministry formally advises against going to the part of the Donbass which escapes government control (Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts), and advises against Crimea and the immediate vicinity of the front line, unless there is a compelling reason. 'about 10 km.

Notes and recommendations

- Pickpocketing and pickpockets: as everywhere, pay attention to your papers in public places and on public transport, and do not wear a banana pouch. In hotels, lock your door. Do not walk alone at night in the city, nor in parks and wooded areas (many in Kiev), nor on the Dnieper islands. Stay very vigilant on night trains.

- Papers, passport: always carry his papers with you, if he feels he is wrong, call the police.

- Fraud à la carte payment : be careful when giving your card to another person during a payment; do not let the person walk away with the credit card. In addition, when withdrawing cash, some ATMs debit the amount without giving the money. For purchases, you will use your credit card as little as possible.

- Other scams : it may happen that a person drops a wallet or money in front of a tourist. The scammer then claims to have found the money and asks the tourist if the money belongs to him. He offers the tourist to share the sum with him. A third person then arrives to accuse the tourist and the accomplice, and takes the opportunity to steal the tourist's papers. If such a scenario looms, simply move on without initiating a conversation.

There are also a number of scams from marriage agencies that turn out to be fictitious.

- Kiev: we can see a resurgence of the city ...

- In the Kiev metro: carry their papers in a pocket around their neck, slipped under their clothes. Avoid cars where there are too many people (risk of jostling and theft).

- In public transports : same remarks as for the metro.

- On the road : extreme caution the statement of insurance, but wait for the police to arrive on site.

- Exclusion zone: following the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, a 29 km radius area was set up around the site. Encompassing Chernobyl and Pripyat, it is of course subject to authorization.

- Sport : the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs formally advises against moving supporters of French football clubs to Ukraine (risk of aggression). 

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