Health and Safety Turkey

Health and Safety Turkey



Few major health risks. Public hospitals often lack funds, but there are many very modern private clinics, especially in large towns and tourist towns.

There is a relatively high risk ofbeech in luxury hotels and restaurants), outlaw ice cubes.

If necessary, it is possible to purify water suspect thanks to an individual and economical process: an ultrafiltration straw.

Freezing). Also avoid the mussels stuffed with rice sold in outdoor stalls, especially in Istanbul; they are washed in the polluted water of the Bosphorus. In general, proscribe sea ​​food. On the other hand, you can eat shellfish (lobster, crab, etc.) without any problem.

- In case of diarrhea : if there is associated fever or presence of pus, mucus or blood, seek urgent medical attention. Otherwise, the treatment of a simple turista in adults is based on the combination of an antibiotic and an inhibitor of intestinal secretion.

- For several years Congo. It occurs mainly in remote rural areas (especially Anatolia), from early spring to early winter. Protect yourself against tick bites and carry out a daily inspection if you frequent the affected areas.

- Winter, remember to take syrup and cough drops.

- For any problem justifying the use ofhospital, prefer medical repatriation, unless you are in a big city which has an ultramodern hospital (very high prices).


No vaccination is “tepolio-pertussis, hepatitis B (6 to 8% of the Turkish population is a carrier of the hepatitis B virus).
If you were born after 1950, have never had jaundice in childhood and are not familiar with exotic countries, vaccination againsthepatitis A is highly recommended.
For long and / or rural stays, vaccinations against typhoid fever and the rage are recommended.


You can find just about all essential medicines in Turkey, some only with a doctor's prescription. No need to go with a mobile pharmacy. Take a crème solaire high index, especially in summer; be particularly wary of the sun on the plateaus.

There is a little malaria in the south-east of Anatolia but without life threat; moreover, we have never seen a traveler catch it.

- mosquitoes in Turkey are hardly more virulent than with us, but still provide a repellant and a cream in case of sting. Rest assured, if you are stung, you will have nothing but a classic little button in the vast majority of cases!

Many - all mosquito / arthropod repellents sold in supermarkets or in pharmacies are little or insufficiently effective. A range in accordance with the recommendations of the WHO and the French Ministry of Health: Insect Ecran. Let us also point out Five out of Five.

Fake drugs

Counterfeit medicines affect all countries and all therapeutic classes.

It should be noted, however, that the Turkish authorities have recently undertaken to combat the circulation and sale of fake medicines.


Turkey is no more dangerous than Europe in the country. However, petty crime (especially snatching) has increased, despite a strong police presence, especially in Ankara. Be vigilant, especially at night.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally advises against the immediate vicinity of the borders with Syria and Iraq.
In addition, the departments of Hatay, Kilis, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Mardin, Diyarbakır and Batman are not recommended unless there is a compelling reason.


Those who travel alone or in a group will avoid hitchhiking, a simple matter of common sense.

If you are asked for money, pay an amount equivalent to that of a dolmuş (minibus).


Drug use is severely punished. If you are not sure, go (re) watch the movie Midnight Express. Be careful, dealers are often in cahoots with the police.

Sand merchants

The story told, she realizes when she wakes up that money, papers and valuables have been stolen ...

Most of these cases were recorded in Istanbul, Bodrum and Ayvalık.

Remember that they are not the prerogative of Turkey. Without being paranoid, stay alert. 


Turkey is one of the world's leading producers of counterfeit goods. These imitations, of mediocre quality and prohibited in Europe, are susceptible to a severe fine (twice the price of the original), in addition to being confiscated.

Identity papers

Never leave your passport or identity card at the hotel reception. Show them to fill out his form, then take them back. There is trafficking in identity papers.

Antiquities, fossils

It is strictly forbidden to remove objects more than 100 years old from Turkish territory. The authorities are particularly vigilant with regard to archaeological objects.

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