Health and safety Sweden

Health and safety Sweden


European Health Insurance Card

All you have to do is call the social security center (or connect to the centre's website) which will send it within about 15 days.
This card works in all EU member states, as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.
It is a blue plastic card of the same format as the Vitale card. It is valid for 2 years and is free and personal (including for children). It allows the coverage of medically necessary care in public establishments.

Please note, the card is not valid for treatments delivered in private establishments.

Tobacco and snus

The Swedes were the first in the world to reach a figure of less than 20% of the population regularly consuming tobacco.
On the other hand, many gentlemen ostensibly indulge in the practice of snus, a kind of small tobacco ball that is placed behind the upper lip, on the gums.

Since June 1, 2005, it is forbidden to smoke in public places. The law provides that restaurants, bars and clubs can open a separate smoking area in which it is forbidden to serve alcohol or food. The sale of tobacco is prohibited for those under 18.


This section mainly concerns the northern part of the country; the south and the coasts are not affected.

It is true, the mosquito is a species of hot and humid countries ... However, it can make up to 32 ° C on the lakes and in the Swedish forests (without counting the marshes).

- Mosquitoes se The further north you go, the more numerous and voracious they are.
- Pre egogos gadgets.
- On hikes in your socks. If you are shirt and pants.
- Take care of your toilet.
- By canoe from the bank In the evening, make a flambé If you can, settle in an airy place When you go to bed, make your tent or your camper well sealed, then go hunting by searching from top to bottom: one mosquito is enough to give you a bad night's sleep.
 If you sleep in a tent in the morning when you wake up, listen carefully. There are thousands of them waiting for you outside. Only one solution: your cream or your spray. After 3 or 4 rather unpleasant days, you will no longer think about it and the fight against mosquitoes will be part of your daily actions. Every now and then they will catch you by surprise, but the small amount of germs and bacteria at this latitude means that, except for an allergic reaction, the bites are not very painful.

Black flies

As in many countries of northern l & rsquosee-um, deformation of "no see them".

Fortunately, the phenomenon remains very localized in time as in space.

To reproduce, the beast readily takes up residence in muddy puddles. This is not what is lacking in Sweden! Each bite itches a bit, so imagine, multiplied by 100 or more!

In the event of a problem, from there on the face have an effective repellent effect.

All of these products will prevent you from being bitten, but not swallowing or inhaling part of the cloud around you! Courage, flee therefore, by taking advantage of certain specificities of your attackers: on the one hand, they hardly move more than 500 m from their place of birth and on the other hand, most species only come out in very specific lighting conditions, corresponding to the nightfall or to a leaden sky.

If you've been bitten, it itches hard, but a good shower will give you relief, thanks to the antiseptic action of the soap.


The only danger that threatens the visitor is the unexpected encounter with a moose or a reindeer within the radius of its headlights. Be careful, therefore, when driving, especially at night (which is long in winter). For the rest, we do not laugh with security in Sweden.

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