Health and Safety Portugal

Health and Safety Portugal


- Remember to get the European Health Insurance Card. It makes it possible to benefit from the coverage of medically necessary care by the public services.
To obtain it, contact your social security center, which will send you your blue plastic card, valid for 15 years, free and personal, within 2 days (each member of the family must have their own). It operates in all EU member states as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

A consultation costs between 25 and 35 €. To be reimbursed, you have to be treated at the hospital ... usually crowded, and sometimes wait a whole day (or even more!) For your turn to have a chance to be received, thus losing a lot of time.

In case of emergency, go to the SAP / CATUS centers, which are “Permanent Assistance Services”. All municipalities have at least one, and in large cities there are several. They are marked with a red cross.

  • Emergency room : Phone. : 112.


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- Loss or theft of your GNR identity card) and deci, which will be used for insurance, or to have a temporary travel document drawn up at the embassy.

- In cities, we observe the presence of car guards. Most of the time, they are misfits or homeless people who try to glean a few euros under the pretext that your car can be damaged without supervision.

- Don't leave anything in your car, especially near the beaches in summer.

- A lot of readers ask us to insist on the dangerous driving in Portugal. Non-compliance with road signs and speed limits, double inadvertent blindness ...
Also pay attention to pedestrian crossings, in front of which Portuguese motorists stop much more civically than with us. As a result, pedestrians are quite reckless and often cross confidently or without looking ...

- The bill does not reflect to also complain about this refusal!

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