Health and safety North Macedonia

Health and safety North Macedonia



No compulsory vaccine for you simply that you are up to date for classic vaccinations: DTCP, MMR; possibly, depending on the length and conditions of stay: hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, meningococcus and tick-borne encephalitis (possible in forest areas, especially in spring or summer).

Sanitary conditions

North Macedonia does not present any particular health risks for travelers. But the sanitary conditions being deficient in the country's hospitals, it is recommended to return to France for treatment in the event of a serious illness requiring hospitalization.

It is strongly recommended to leave with insurance covering medical costs and medical repatriation.

List of doctors (French-speaking and English-speaking) advised on the website of the French Embassy in Skopje.

Emergency numbers

  • Police : 192.
  • Firefighters : 193
  • Ambulances: 194.

Do not hesitate to ask a Macedonian to call for you, to avoid problems of understanding.

  • Reception of the French consulate in case of 389-2-32-44-300.


General security

You don't feel like you're in the dark, but if you don't tempt the devil, there's little chance anything will happen to you.

However, remain vigilant at the airport and in shopping centers, where tourists are more often victims of pickpockets.

As for the problems linked to the Albanian mafia, passing foreigners are not directly concerned.


The country has been plunged for several years into a political crisis which we do not see the end.

Since February 2015, wiretaps have revealed cases of corruption involving the highest levels of the state. Demonstrations take place regularly, mostly peaceful. Opponents also established a camp in front of the government in Skopje.

However, this does not pose a particular safety concern for tourists, who are unlikely to see any of these internal affairs. However, it is recommended to stay away from meeting places in the event of a demonstration.


You have to be initiated. As a precaution, it is advisable toavoid night driving.

Emergency road services are non-existent. In the event of an accident, before moving the vehicle, wait for the arrival of the police, who will draw up a report.


The MacéGevgelija.

Therefore, it is not advisable to leave the marked hiking trails and venture into certain mountainous areas or isolated regions without the approval of civil security.

Natural disasters

Macedonia is located in a seismic zone. The country has been marked by deadly earthquakes, including that of 1963, which destroyed the capital by 80%.

In the event of an earthquake, follow the advice given on the website of the French Embassy in Skopje.

The country is also regularly victim of storms and destructive floods, as we saw in February and early August 2015.

Forest fires can also occur in summer.

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