Health and Safety New Zealand

Health and Safety New Zealand


There is n & rsquoZeeland. No vaccine is required to enter the country.

On site, just pay attention to Sun burn, protect yourself with a high index sunscreen (even on a gray day), especially in the south, where you approach the hole in the ozone layer. And drink water regularly.

In New Zealand, the beasts are completely harmless, they are not poisonous. You are not likely, like in Australia, to encounter an estuarine crocodile, a deadly spider or a nasty shark and the kiwis do not bite! There aren't even any snakes here.
Remain the Insect bites. Even if they are never very serious, they can be unpleasant. In summer, pay attention to the sand fly, a tiny little insect whose bite itches furiously, and which leaves lasting traces.

Plan anyway a medical repatriation insurance.

> Find out about Routard Assurance travel insurance.

> Consult our practical file: How to make the right choice in travel insurance?


New Zealand is not a risky country for travelers. The main danger comes from volcanic and seismic activities.

As everywhere, we will take elementary precautions.

- Money, papers: he can be Car: do not leave anything lying on the sides of currents, often violent. Signs sometimes indicate them, but this is n & rsquo Driving: n & rsquo Volcanic and seismic risks: some RéZé Bay of Plenty), find out about the accessibility of the sites.


A single number for police, fire brigade or medical services (ambulances).

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