Health and Safety Netherlands

Health and Safety Netherlands


European Health Insurance Card

For a stay, remember to get the European health insurance card. All you need to do is call your social security center (or connect to its website) which will send it to you within a fortnight. This card works with all member countries of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

It is a blue plastic card of the same format as the Vitale card.
Please note, valid for 2 years, it is free and personal (each member of the family must have their own, including children).

The card is not valid for treatments delivered in private establishments.

In practice

In practice, you will often need further assistance. This is low. Check-in before leaving (Routard Insurance, for example).


Amsterdam is a city where it is good to walk in peace. Our only caveat concerns pickpockets, particularly active, at nightfall, in the Leidseplein nightclub and restaurant district, as well as in the Red Light District.

You will often be offered prohibited substances, to be carefully taken to reserved places if you do not want to find your bike at the impound.

Drugs and narcotics: repression and tolerance

Mêfaire today, in hundreds of coffee-shops, marijuana and hashish are still sold freely, certainly in clearly defined quantities.
Contrary to the idea commonly conveyed, the cultivation, sale and consumption of any form of drug is PROHIBITED by law. However, the legislator has designed a drug policy, which tolerates the consumption of cannabis, but with very strict rules. This policy aims to reduce the demand for and supply of drugs and the risks incurred by users, their relatives and society.

As everywhere else, the hard drug holder and the trafficker face heavy penalties.
In the case of so-called "soft" drugs, a distinction is made according to the quantities. By law, a holder of less than 5g of hashish or marijuana risks a fine. Anyone who has more than 5 g risks detention and a heavy fine.
But in practice, the one who walks with 5 g of hash on him will not be worried. Why ? Because the system wants to keep occasional smokers out of the criminal and penal areas.
Small users, often averse to hard drugs, are therefore not the target of the police.

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