Health and safety Mayotte

Health and safety Mayotte


In terms of health, Mayotte is rather well developed. No need to worry. You are in France, don't forget it!


No specific vaccine is required in Mayotte. However, it is strongly recommended to be up to date with your universal vaccines (DTCP, hepatitis B), and to be vaccinated for typhoid and hepatitis A, possibly meningococcal meningitis A and C.

Medical services

Mayotte has & rsquoTerre, l & rsquoTerre. Most care is free. If necessary, they will be refunded to you, as in mainland France.

However, the Mahorais health services are not competent for all pathologies. If necessary, you will be evacuated to Reunion Island, South Africa or Paris.


The water is potable and safe throughout the island.


Malaria is a pre-totality of the inhabitants does not protect themselves, it is advisable to follow a antimalarial treatment before and during any stay of more than a week, the disease is all the more important in humid periods.

Add to this the on-site use of repellents, creams, etc., and the need to sleep under an impregnated mosquito net.


Also transmitted by mosquitoes (the Aedes albopictus mosquito, black and white striped legs and bodies), this tropical infectious disease struck the region between 2004 and 2006. Its symptoms are almost similar to those of malaria, with stiffness in the joints in addition.

Mayotte seems to have been less affected than Reunion Island (45 reported cases, or one third of the Mayotte population), but attention : in 2013, the chikungunya was talked about again. A new species of mosquito, which can be a vector of the virus, has in fact been identified.

We therefore recommend pre-mosquitoes, clothing covering the skin and mosquito nets.

Yellow fever

In 2019, several cases of yellow fever were identified in the Rift Valley.


Protévous! Crèshirt when diving with a snorkel.


If the political and social situation unfortunately started again in 2018. Cost of living, illegal immigration and growing insecurity are at the origin of increasingly violent conflict. We must therefore be very vigilant on the island. 

Also pay attention to the petty crime (thefts, burglaries, especially on the beach and in cars). Some Mahorais point out as the culprits of these acts the new arrivals from neighboring islands, attracted to Mayotte by the money they are struggling to earn at home. Hence the birth of a climate of xenophobia in Mayotte in recent years.

Notes and recommendations

- Home: thefts and burglaries in Car: useless d & rsquo À Related violence Water: beware, many houses (and some hô Piracy: acts of piracy have been reported in the Indian Ocean.

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