Health and Safety Lebanon

Health and Safety Lebanon


No vaccine is compulsory. However, some vaccines The following are recommended: universal vaccines (DTCP, MMR in children), tuberculosis, and, depending on travel conditions, vaccines against hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, meningitis and rabies.

Do not forget : medical insurance and repatriation insurance, a first aid kit with the essentials (for difficult digestions, an intestinal antiseptic and an intestinal transit slower), aspirin or paracetamol for minor ailments.

Avoid drinking tap water or water from jugs at a restaurant. Prefer water from sealed bottles, which is good and very cheap. They are found absolutely everywhere.


Deprecated regions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally advises against any travel in the North, East and South of Lebanon:

    • in North Lebanon, the northern regions of the road between Abdeh and Mechmech (or Mish Mish);
    • the plain of Béqaa, including Baalbek and Anjar;
    • in southern Lebanon, the regions south of the axis between Marjayoun and Tire, up to the border with Israel.

The Quai d'Orsay also formally advises against Palestinian camps and their surroundings, throughout the country.

It advises against it except for imperative reasons: 

  • in North Lebanon: the triangle delimited by Tripoli, Abdeh and Mechmech (Mish Mish);
  • Tripoli, with the exception of its coastal part;
  • in South Lebanon: the area bounded to the west by the Zahlé road axis to Lake Quaraoun (including its eastern shore) and to the east by the ridge line;
  • the Nabatiyé region, north of the road connecting Marjayoun to Tire.

Only the center-west of the country remains possible for tourism, provided you remain vigilant.

It is essential to stay informed daily on Le Jour, and Radio Liban broadcasts information in French on 96.2 FM.

General security

The situation can change very quickly. In general, the terrorist threat remains important. There is sometimes a certain upsurge in delinquency (vehicle thefts in particular), in particular in Beirut and its metropolitan area, an upsurge in violent demonstrations or accompanied by violence.

It is advisable to pay attention to his passport and to keep a photocopy of the first pages and of the one on which the Lebanese visa is affixed, to avoid places that are not very touristy and of course any provocative behavior.


Homosexuality is still criminalized in Lebanon. A simple gesture of affection in public can lead to pre-trial detention and prosecution.

Drug Warning

Drug use or even, with prison terms ranging from 3 months to life imprisonment, and a very heavy fine, even if it is consumption or detention of a few grams.

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