Health and Safety Jordan

Health and Safety Jordan


No problem-polio-diphthecoqueluche, measles, hepatitis B; as well as for vaccines protecting against diseases linked to a lack of food hygiene: hepatitis A, typhoid (if the stay takes place in precarious food hygiene conditions).

Main enemy of travelers in the Middle East: the sun! Do not forget a hat, protective glasses and sunscreen. In summer, the low-altitude areas (Dead Sea and Red Sea) turn into a furnace: avoid going out during the hottest hours, on pain of sunstroke! Anyway, the sand will burn your feet, even with sandals ... As the weather is very dry, people with fragile eyes will think about bringing eye drops or artificial tears (especially for contact lens wearers). In winter, it's froid you will need to be protected, especially in the North. You catch a cold quickly without a little wool.

Tap water is considered drinkable throughout the country, but it is not recommended. Better to fall back on thebottled water, available everywhere (from source or "potabilised"). Or better, not to use plastic, purify your water thanks to an ultrafiltration straw.

Delivery charges diarrhea can occur. The rice and rice water diet can get you back on your feet, but it is better to include an antibiotic, azithromycin, combined with a bowel movement slower, such as acecadotril.

Warning, if diarrhea is accompanied by fever, pus emissions or blood, it is urgent and essential to consult a doctor.

Check with your doctor before you go.

On the stupid side, scorpions and snakes are present in the desert, but they are rarely seen. That said, it doesn't cost anything, for safety, to shake your shoes before putting them on and your sleeping bag before going to bed. Mosquitoes do not cause malaria, but beware of sand flies, other insects that resemble mosquitoes and which can transmit leishmaniasis; so you might as well protect yourself from the bites of these nasty beasts. Also avoid contact with dogs, not very visible in town but more present in the desert.

Finally, in the red sea, beware of corals (they cut and burn), sea urchins and poisonous fish (including lionfish and rock fish): it is best to protect your feet with plastic sandals or fins.
Also watch out for jellyfish (do not swim after a storm and never approach what might look like a transparent plastic bag) and sharks.


Jordan is a safe country, and the Jordanians' sense of welcome immediately puts you at ease. Even in Amman, a huge city, you can take a leisurely stroll, even at odd hours. Nevertheless, a petty crime has recently appeared (in particular reported thefts). Particularly in Petra, the site with the highest tourist concentration in the country, where petty scams and big lies somewhat alter relations between visitors and the population. It's up to you to be vigilant without becoming paranoid. Please note, it is forbidden to buy, hold or sell antiques.

As for the DéQays, in the North.

Regarding the Israeli-Nepalese conflict, let us recall that Jordan is the only country with Egypt to have signed a peace treaty with Isrël. And despite the large Palestinian population, no major incident directly linked to the conflict has so far occurred on this side of the border.
Proximity to Syria and a long border with Iraq make the country more vulnerable to jihadist incursions and trafficking of all kinds. The risk does exist, as in many countries today, including Europe. All measures have been taken to strengthen security in the country and internationally, with many having an interest in Jordan remaining a factor of stability in the region.

Do not hesitate to consult the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs before departure and to follow the development of these events.

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The people are, in revivre and customs ”of the chapter“ People, culture, environment ”at the end of the guide.

In the event of more charming encounters, never follow up on a request for money: those who rub shoulders with tourists and derive subsequent income from them are not necessarily in need, and you should be vigilant.

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