Health and Safety Israel, Palestine

Health and Safety Israel, Palestine



- No vaccine is required for travelers from Europe.

- “Universal” vaccines (tetanus, polio, diphtheria, pertussis and hepatitis B) must be up to date.

- The vaccine againsthepatitis A is strongly recommended by the WHO, because it is one of the diseases that is contracted the most easily (through food).
The vaccine against typhoid fever is recommended for those traveling to the occupied Palestinian territories.

Health in Israel

The medical infrastructure is excellent in Israel.

Main enemy of travelers in the Middle East: the sun ! Don't forget a hat, goggles and sunscreen. In summer, low-altitude areas (Red Sea, Dead Sea) turn into a furnace: avoid going out during the hottest hours, otherwise sunstroke! As the weather is very dry, people with fragile eyes will think about bringing eye drops or artificial tears (especially for contact lens wearers). Remember to hydrate yourself regularly (drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day and per person).

n Israel, thetap water is drinkable. 

Also anticipate the unpleasant contrast between theair conditioning, often too violent, and the outside air, often too violent too! 

In winter, it's froid that you will need to be protected (except in the Jordan Valley).

Concerning stupid, scorpions and snakes are present in the desert and on archaeological sites. It is better, for safety, to shake your shoes before putting them on and your sleeping bag before going to bed.

Mosquitoes, on the other hand, do not transmit malaria, but can be the cause of some cases of leishmaniasis or spread the Nile virus. You might as well protect yourself from bites. Also avoid contact with dogs, especially in the south of the country, which can transmit hydatidosis.

Finally, in the Red Sea, remembering for the first time, never forget that the depth can involve rhino.

- AIDS : the use of condoms naturally remains essential (they can be found in all pharmacies).

Health in Palestine

- Food hygiene is rather defective. The risks of hepatitis A and typhoid are real and intestinal parasitosis is frequent. Tap water is not drinkable due to its high chlorine content.

To reduce your plastic consumption, you can purify your water using an individual and economical process: a 0,01 micron pocket ultrafiltration straw, which, through 5 stages of filtration, traps absolutely all parasites, viruses and bacteria with a capacity of 2 l of purified water.

In case of diarrhea or turista, eat light (for example rice without fat), drink a lot (water and soda). Provide a good intestinal antibiotic, combined with an intestinal transit slower.

Warning, if diarrhea is accompanied by fever, emission of pus, mucus or blood, it is urgent and essential to consult a doctor.

- The you also have the probable circulations of pharmaceutical counterfeits..


Disadvised areas and vigilance areas

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally advises against going to the Gaza Strip and its surroundings, to the borders with Lebanon, Syria (Golan Heights) and Egypt.
In the West Bank
, the greatest caution is required when traveling, and it is advisable to avoid gatherings. Many places are subject to tension, in particular Nablus, Hebron, the outskirts of refugee camps, settlements and checkpoints.


It is essential, before departure, to consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to verify the security situation on site in real time.

Security in Israel

In a calm context, and subject to always finding out about the situation before departure, there is no particular problem, except that many public spaces such as post offices, bus and train stations , shopping centers (some restaurants, bars and hotels as well) are guarded by a security guard who will ask you to open your bag ... ... as now in many European cities.

You will also have to deal with ambiance not always conducive to courtesy: this is reflected in the quality of service, at the hotel, in restaurants, bars, shops. A smile is rarely the order of the day, and even less helpful. Not to mention a certain aggressiveness on the road. It is said: nothing serious, but take it into account.

When entering and leaving the country, also count on Customs to scan you to the core with their rolling bundle of intrusive questions.

On the beach, do not leave your belongings unattended. But this is, after all, only a common sense recommendation.

Security in Palestine

In a calm context, and under pressure Fixed or flying sometimes require a certain distance and detachment on the part of travelers in the face of questions and waiting, even a great zenitude, but you have to live with it.

You can walk quietly in big cities, including single girls.
On the other hand, it is better to opt for tank top for men wouldn't be the best taste.

If thefts are rare, as everywhere, be sure not to show anything conspicuously and wear your bag on the front when it is crowded.

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