Health and Safety Greece

Health and Safety Greece


The cantonal system of health centers, ie a country doctor's office.

European Health Insurance Card

For a temporary stay in Greece, consider obtaining the European health insurance card. All you have to do is call your social security center (or connect to its website) which will send it to you within 15 days.
This card works with all member countries of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. It is a blue plastic card of the same format as the Vitale card. It is valid for 1 year, is free and personal (each member of the family must have their own, including children).
Please note, the card is not valid for treatments delivered in private establishments.

In case of you in the medical centers provided for this purpose, where first aid will be given to you free of charge. Your hotel will give you the address of the one it belongs to. You will have to bear a certain contribution for drugs, prostheses and additional treatments. In addition, on some islands, there is no IKA center (equivalent to our Social Security).
In the event of serious problems, it is frankly advised not to seek treatment in the islands (at least the small ones, deprived of means) and to return to Athens. In this case, it is often preferable to go to private clinics and hospitals (where the equipment is much more efficient and hygiene better monitored), or even to be repatriated.

Useful telephone numbers

  • SOS-Mé also provides information on pharmacies open at night). In Greek, SAMU is called “EKAV”.


- Scooter rental: This is because the roads are sometimes in poor condition or strewn with gravel which makes the road slippery.
Accidents are very frequent, especially in the islands, which is why it is now necessary to show a motorbike license (or car license with the appropriate stamp) to rent a simple scooter (see the "Internal transport" section). Please note, rental companies are not always very honest, so that sometimes the paragraphs of the insurance form stipulating that apart from damage caused with a third party all other repair costs will be payable by you are written only in Greek!

- Boaters: beware of the complicity of the police and the pump attendant; the latter sometimes lets a few liters escape into the marina, which can result in a fine for pollution!

- Bathroom : most often, in Greece, because there is a great risk of blocking the pipes; it is thrown in the bin provided for this purpose. It does not depend on the category of the hotel, rather on the place where you are.

Tourist police

Arriving at the place of your dreams, if there is no tourist office or association of owners of rooms for rent to inquire, you can try to go to the local tourist police. She often sits in police offices, quite simply ... Quality of reception (and information given) very variable ...

A useful number: 1571. This number operates from 7:30 am to 22 pm throughout the country, during the tourist season, and provides tourist information, in five languages, including French. It is also possible to file complaints about hotels, restaurants, taxis, etc.

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