Health and Safety England

Health and Safety England


European Health Insurance Card

For nationals of the European Union, remember to obtain the European Health Insurance Card. This card works in all member countries of the European Union as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Negotiations are still ongoing on the European Health Insurance Card and the purchase of travel insurance covering health costs is recommended by the UK authorities.

It is a blue plastic card, valid for 2 years, free and personal (each member of the family must have his own, including children).

If you apply too late, you will be given a provisional replacement certificate valid for 3 months. On the other hand, it is better to know, the hospitals are crowded and it will be necessary to wait in the event of a problem.

On the spot

Along with transport and education, public health is the sector most affected by budget restrictions since the years of Thatcherism. It is one of the major current projects of the British government. In terms of quality, the care provided by hospital institutions is far from equal to that which can be received on the continent. Not to mention the infinitely extendable deadlines before hoping to land a place for a consultation!

You can go to hospital emergency departments early in the morning (there are fewer people) and especially at night. This service is free and you will be given the medication you need to last overnight, plus a prescription for the rest.

England is strongly affected by mumps and measles, disease for which she holds the European record; the epidemics that appear everywhere are linked to a vaccine deficit: check that you have received the vaccines (usually done in childhood).

If you get bitten by a dog, you have no risk of rabies, the îBretagne. If you have to stay in this country for a long time, we recommend that you do the same.


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- If you are visiting the country by car, the danger is rather you!

- Driving at points or in the evening when leaving the restaurant, that's where we do the worst mistakes! Not to mention the return to the continent ...

- No speeding (on motorways, 70 miles / h, or 112 km / h, maximum), there are radar really everywhere.
In addition, parking is expensive, sometimes bordering on racketeering and do not snub parking meters (you can sometimes pay by credit card directly if you run out of money). Do not play with time overruns either, the short ten minutes could cost you dearly!
And you will be filmed everywhere, all the time. Especially since the car rental companies will always send you the fine with application fees sometimes higher than the said fine!

- Avoid cycle paths, and do not roll in queues reserved for taxis or buses.

- Warning to parking in the streets ! It is often reserved for residents, when it is not simply prohibited. So read the signs carefully, and don't hesitate to have the system of lines drawn on the ground explained to you: single, double, white or yellow… it's complex!

<a = "" oddity = "" l = "" eacute = "" gislative = "": = "" do = "" not = "" se = "" lugging = "" with = "" em = "">pepper spray in his car or, even more so, on himself. Here it is a crime, and you risk jail and a fine for carrying a dangerous weapon.

- Smoking is prohibited in all public places, but not on the terrace.

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