Health and Safety Crete

Health and Safety Crete


No vaccine is mandatory.

The cantonal system of health centers, ie a country doctor's office.

That said, you will have to bear a contribution for the drugs and additional treatments and, if you see a specialist, you will pay, as the Greeks do (remember to have a receipt issued to be reimbursed when you return).

In the event of a really serious problem, it is advisable to return to Athens immediately. In this case, it is often preferable to go to private hospitals (where the equipment is more efficient and hygiene better monitored), or even to be repatriated.

European Health Insurance Card

For a temporary stay in Greece, consider obtaining the European health insurance card. All you need to do is call your social security center (or connect to your centre's website) which will send it to you within 15 days.

This card works with all member countries of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

It is a blue plastic card of the same format as the Vitale card. It is valid for 2 years, is free and personal (each member of the family must have his own, including children).

Please note, the card is not valid for treatments delivered in private establishments.

Useful phone numbers

And don't forget the European emergency number : 112. This is the emergency number common to France and to all EU countries, to dial in the event of an accident, attack or distress. It makes it possible to be localized and helped in French, while improving the response times of the emergency services.


"You participate in you" won "? One supposedly free week in a luxury hotel, with the purchase of a timeshare room. If you don't refuse, then welcome to the realm of scams! And above all, do not leave your address, because then you would be harassed by letters. Refuse!

See also the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, updated regularly.

Tourist police

Upon reaching you straight away at the local tourist police. Quite simply, she sits in police offices. Quality of reception and efficiency very variable, it must be said ...
A useful number: 171. This number operates from 7:30 am to 22 pm throughout the country, during the tourist season, and provides tourist information in 5 languages, including French. It is also possible to file complaints about hotels, restaurants, taxis, etc.

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