Health and Safety Canada

Health and Safety Canada


In Canada, health care costs.

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Mosquito repellent

From June to July).
Some mosquitoes can do it before departure (for example the Insect Ecran range, which exists both in a cutaneous version but also in a soaking solution for clothes, but also Cinq sur Cinq), or else opt, resistant to several washes for 2 months).
You can also opt for clothes in nets, like a head mosquito net.

Moreover, ticks You are very much there to help you with difficult to reach parts such as back, scalp ...


No vaccine required (mouse) is recommended for any prolonged stay in rural areas isolated from medical resources or in contact with animals.


  • In 911: free number to dial 24 hours a day for all types of emergencies.

- hospital emergencies are often very, very congested and the times of care very long. This is the weak point of an otherwise excellent health system.


In the city

United Shelter crime rate, a phenomenon aggravated by political and social factors, which has been on the rise since the mid-1990s.

In nature

Canadian wildlife is fascinating but can also be dangerous. Always observe the animals from afar, even Bambi's mother, and a fortiori little brown bear. Always keep a safe distance from animals and never feed them! To feed a wild animal is to accustom it to begging for food. Over time, animals become familiar, even aggressive if you have nothing to give them. And the guards must then shoot them down.

Many bears (brown and black) live in the British forests where mateface is located (bear spray, on sale in parks or matéop stores, around $ 40, usually on presentation of identification). If you do not use it on site (which is what you want), you can pass it on to other hikers at the end of your trip because it is absolutely forbidden to transport it by plane, even in the hold.

If you are camping, the meadow where you can put your provisions away.

When hiking, always go with several people. In some areas where bears have been spotted, the area is generally closed. There is therefore no need to venture there under penalty of a fine. In all cases, contact the parks info offices BEFORE going on a hike to find out what to do if you encounter a bear.

In the event of a face-to-face encounter with Teddy Bear, keep calm and turn back if he is not aware of your presence. If he spotted you, don't run away.

Finally, be especially careful on mountain bikes. Since you are going fast, you multiply the chances of suddenly stumbling upon a bear. It is therefore better to slow down when approaching thickets, bends and any area where visibility is poor.
As for the followers of jogging in the mountains, keep in mind that, in nature, it is the prey that runs ...

In the north, for repellents, avoid using perfume and dark clothing. June is the worst month of the year; it starts to calm down in July, but ...

On the road, signs indicate the populated areas of deer. Slow down, especially at night. Accidents happen frequently.

- Forest fires can sometimes require huge detours. Always check with Parks Canada.

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