Health and safety Azores

Health and safety Azores


No particular problem to report. It is obviously recommended to be up to date with universal vaccinations, and to have repatriation assistance.

Remember to bring sandals for swimming, as you cannot find sandy beaches everywhere in the Azores. Watch out for currents when swimming and follow all instructions. Do not forget your sunscreen and hiking boots for the more difficult routes (mountain paths).

If something goes wrong, there are pharmacies and medical centers in the vast majority of islands (Centro de Saúde) or on an island nearby. The most important hospital is in Ponta Delgada. If there is a big problem, you can contact the honorary consul.

- European emergency number: 112.

European Health Insurance Card

Remember to get the European health insurance card. All you need to do is call your social security center (or connect to your centre's website) which will send it to you within a fortnight. This card works with all member countries of the European Union. It is a blue plastic card of the same format as the Vitale card.
Please note, it is valid for 1 year, it is free and personal (each member of the family must have their own, including children).
Please note that the card is not valid for treatments delivered in private establishments.


No problem of insecurity to deplore in the Azores. The archipelago is a safe destination.

Obviously, however, common sense must be used. Stay careful and attentive on the road: there are, in some places, so few people that you tend to relax your attention ...

The Azores are in a seismic zone and the risk is high. 

Keep your identity or travel documents well with you, do not leave anything visible in your car, on the beach, etc.

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