Health and Safety Alaska

Health and Safety Alaska

Sanitary conditions

He is not repatriation.

On a daily basis, expect large temperature variations. Choose many layers of clothing (easy to "peel off") and a good waterproof garment rather than a single down jacket that could get wet. When hiking, this will make it easier for you to avoid hypothermia if you get caught in a storm. If you are going away for several days, you will need to treat the water, either by boiling it or by using hydroclorazone tablets, for example.

Also consider not very aesthetic, certainly, but quite effective.

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The dialer) will send you the appropriate service: fire brigade, medical emergencies or police. Obviously, in the bush, everything gets complicated, because the first hospital is sometimes very far away.


L & rsquoend in some bars in large city centers.


The ministry will send you long before practicing any lively activity (kayaking, fishing ...)! The risks of drowning in Alaskan rivers are very real. 

Wild animals

- bear take the path over the phone so that he recognizes in you the human he generally tries to avoid (he has very poor eyesight).
Attacks are rare and often caused by too close observation or behavior deemed aggressive. And even there, it is often a question of bluffing, just to force the intruder to move away. In this case, do not turn your back on the bear, stand back looking at it, possibly throwing your bag in its direction to divert its attention.

It is therefore advisable, when hiking 50 m) and to place food and toiletries in a bag hanging under a pile of stones. Some equip themselves with whistles or bells to warn the plantigrades of their passage during the day. Otherwise clap your hands or speak loudly.

Stay away from moose. A moose mother can kill a man with a head butt if he gets between her and her calf.  

N & rsquole behind a tree, protect your head and stay still until he decides to leave.

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