Health and Safety Abu Dhabi

Health and Safety Abu Dhabi

Sanitary conditions

It is strongly recommended to have a Insurance covering medical and repatriation costs, at the risk of not having access to care, including in the event of a vital emergency.

Health authorities are closely monitoring the development of coronavirus in the Arabian Peninsula, without this justifying travel restrictions. It suffices to stick to classic and universal hygiene measures, and to avoid approaching animals, such as camels for example.


In all cases of life-threatening emergencies, dial 999.

The hospitals and emergency services are of good quality and you can easily find French speaking doctors. In the event of a medical evacuation, you will likely be directed to Sheikh Khalifa Medical City or Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital. It is important to be insured, even for life-threatening emergencies.

  • For the list of French-speaking general practitioners advised by the embassy, ​​consult the website of the French embassy in Abu Dhabi.
  • It is possible to 555 (or 2-666-4442), or on the website.
  • For the Tourist Police, dial 2-800-2626 or 2-512-7777.
  • In the event of a car accident, it is imperative to contact the police so that they can draw up a report (necessary for insurance).


About the highway code, alcohol, drugs, women and anything that can offend a very conservative local culture.

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