Hawaii money and budget

Hawaii money and budget

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- Hawaii United States, the currency is American dollar.
In April 2018, € 1 = US $ 1,20 and US $ 1 = US $ 0,84.

- Rooms : 1 cent (penny), 5 cents (nickel), 10 cents (dime), 25 cents (quarter) and 1 dollar, the latter struggling to win against the note that Americans prefer.

Travelers check and bank cards

- You can take travellers cheques (in US dollars preferably), they are accepted by all traders, or almost, who will give you change as if it were a bank note. No need to bother changing them, then.

- The Bank cards are widely accepted, even for small amounts. Only bed & breakfasts tend to be the exception.

- No need to encumber yourself with euros and look for an exchange counter, make withdrawals from an ATM, it's so much easier.

Budget in Hawaii 

If the costUnis and France, Hawaii remains a case here is added at checkout.
In Hawaii, it is 4% (5,2% in O'ahu) for all consumer goods and 11,41% (11,962%) for housing.


Two factors have a major influence on prices: the season and the load factor - both in August. Sea-facing rooms cost an average of 30-50% more. The proximity to the beach also comes at a cost: crossing the street can save up to 30%!
Always check that the proposed rate includes the tax on lodging (up to 15%).
People over 50 or 55 often benefit from reductions. If you see an advertisement for kama'aina rates, unfortunately, they are only for residents of Hawaii.

- Inexpensive $ 65 depending on the case.
- Average prices: the bed & you well before making your choice because some e120 $ per double room.
- Classier : many of the establishments for visitors are large resorts such as those found in Waikiki, West Maui, or the Kona Coast (Big Island). We spend it lavishly, never less than $ 150 for a room and up to $ 400 and more.


- Inexpensive local markets, coffeeshops, fast food outlets or popular restaurants offering saimin, plate lunches, bentos or sushi. In all these places, we eat for $ 10-20 at Average prices: fruit probably $ 30 for lunch and $ 30-40 at night.
- Classier : especially concerns the restaurants of resorts (tourist complexes), where logic would dictate that you do not set foot there!

Some common products

- A malasada (donut): $ 1.
- Cup O & rsquo A tray of strawberries from the Grande Î A whip at A slice of pizza: $ 4.
- A raw fish beer at the fish market: $ 6.


- Plane: Hawaiian Airlines operates connections between the îKahului on the island of Maui.

- Ferry: the Molokai Ferry connects the 12 years).
To join 11 years old), $ 60 11 years old).
- bus: public transport is convenient to Rental car : very affordable and available on every island. Rates varying from $ 40 to $ 60 per day depending on the agency, with unlimited mileage, insurance and taxes.


The essential tip maintains an often exasperated relationship between American servers and Europeans (the French in particular) ...
The rule is simple: fixed wages are low, most of the income of employees in restaurants comes from tips. Over time, a standard has been established: a minimum of 15% of the amount of the bill excluding taxes, often up to 20%, and $ 1 for luggage carriers. In taxis, we leave 15%.

Devour there and especially from a taxi driver. We can certainly discuss the precept that customers pay instead of employers, but not at the expense of employees ...

Shopping and souvenirs

Less interesting than on the mainland, but you can still get some good deals. As with the rest, don't forget to add taxes!

- The to take away, particularly shoes, sneakers et vê Les cameras, cameras and especially their accessories.

- Warning, if you have to buy devices evous they can work correctly in France (voltage and frequency, in particular) and are authorized for import (this is not always the case!).
Video game consoles are not compatible with equipment purchased locally. Likewise, TVs and DVD players meet the American NTSC standard, which is incompatible with our Secam process. Finally, be aware that if, on your return, you do not declare these purchases to the customs service, you risk paying heavy fines (same for cameras and cameras). In fact, for small purchases like a classic digital camera, the game isn't always worth the candle (especially if you ever need to operate the international warranty).

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