Hawaii Health and Safety

Hawaii Health and Safety


He is not repatriation.

On a daily basis, pay attention to Sun burn and use a high index cream (even on an overcast day). For minor ailments, you will find everything you need in pharmacies and supermarkets.

There are no snakes in Hawaii, but centipedes, which can be painful to bite, and, in the water, a few sharks. They are not numerous, but sometimes large ... Tiger sharks are the most dangerous, with some accidents noted from time to time, especially among surfers.
Coral can inflict wounds that heal poorly. Don't touch him: it's bad for him as well as for you.
Hawaii also presents risks of leptospirosis, an infectious disease that can be transmitted by rodents (especially rats) and dogs. Symptoms can be similar to those of the flu (fever, body aches).

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Volcanic activity

Warning: in May 2018, a volcanic eruption and earthquakes took place on the island of Big Island. The municipality of Puna and its surroundings are currently evacuated. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs therefore recommends d'' avoid any stay on the Big Island and especially in the east of the island. If you are there, follow the instructions of the local authorities very carefully. 


Hawaii is a United States destination.
In general, you should still avoid leaving valuables in your car and in your tent during the day if you are camping for several days in the same place.

Some precautions

- It can ê Be careful of theft when you want to swim, against currents, which are often violent. Signs indicate them only in the most popular places. Don't underestimate the difficulty.

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