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    Hard Rock Café in Barcelona

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    Martí Micolau


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    Visit the Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona, ​​close to the famous Rambla and see the memorabilia such as: a snakeskin jacket worn by Keith Richards, the Fender Precision bass guitar used by Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols, the guitar personalized by Keith Richards…

    Boasting its own language, culture and government, Catalonia has a distinctive identity, with its capital, Barcelona, ​​being one of the most dynamic, exciting and sophisticated cities in Europe. Gothic art and architecture are in abundance and tapas cafes are commonplace. Barcelona's Hard Rock Café complements the local vibe with its inspiration, creativity and glorious rock 'n' roll memories on display in interesting combinations. So, after a long day of walking on the Rambla, "Ramble On" at the Hard Rock café for a moment that rocks!

    Detailed schedule

    Starting point:
    Barcelone Hard Rock Cafe

    Departure time:
    Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona is open:
    Sunday to Thursday

    11h00 - 14h00
    Friday to Saturday
    11h00 - 15h00
    Saint Sylvester
    Last reception at 17:00 p.m.

    Please note that you are free to arrive at any time during opening hours, just show your priority seating voucher.

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