Grignan and the Provençal Drôme

Cicadas, lavender, olive trees, sun… The south of Drôme is tinged with a midday accent. This atmosphere promises a warm, relaxing and exotic weekend, less than 200 km from Lyon. This is because the south of Drôme is already Provence. Montélimar presents itself as the Gateway to the Sun. Grignan is proud of its castle and its lavender fields. La Drôme Provençale or the antechamber of the Midi.

Authentic Dieulefit

Dieulefit. A somewhat presumptuous name for a village with certain charm. In Dieulefit, we made and still do beautiful pottery with a southern feel: enough to store black olives and Provençal herbs! As with its neighbor Ardèche, it is the chestnut trees that will provide you with some shade to play boules or have a drink.

To sail from village to village is to encounter so many beautiful stones, small churches and characterful alleys. It should be noted that three of the most beautiful villages in France (La garde-adhémar, Le poët-laval et Montbrun-les-Bains) are nearby.

But they don't have a monopoly on beauty, far from it. Each village, or almost, jealously preserves a picturesque charm. These old stones tell the story of a territory full of character: a bastion of Protestantism, then a hotbed of the Resistance, Drôme has always affirmed its ideals and its freedom.

The mid-mountain environment cuts through the landscape of soft and variegated reliefs. As if wherever the mistral rushes in, it sows lovely colors: sky blue, wheat and sunflower yellow, lime green, lavender purple. These are also castles that have flourished in the four corners of the Drôme.

A common ticket exists to visit the three main ones: the Adhémar castle in Montélimar, a former prison built in the XNUMXth century, the Grignan castle, And the one of Suze-la-Rousse, which, behind its medieval facade, hides a Renaissance decoration.

Gourmet break in Montélimar

Gourmets can rejoice: they have not finished feasting at Montelimar. In addition to honey and lavender derivatives, Montélimar has made nougat - confectionery made from almonds, pistachios and honey - its specialty. Some nougateries can be visited.

Are you rather salty? Do not miss the truffles, which the Dieulefitois country abounds in. Goat cheeses (the famous Picodon) and herbs of all kinds will delight your taste buds. Thyme, rosemary, anise, basil or peppermint, so many flavors that will prove to you that Drôme Provençale is a delight for all the senses. The various local markets offer enough to fill your baskets with unique tasting local products.

The south of the Drôme is also a high wine-growing region, and we gladly take, in moderation, a small glass of Côtes du Rhône. AT Suze-la-Rousse, in the castle, is the University of Wine, for those who want to know a little more. The vineyard is here a delicate and precious wealth, to discover absolutely.

Grignan, country of Madame de Sévigné

Grignan retains its letters of nobility over time. It's since his castle, with white walls sculpted with the beauty characteristic of Renaissance residences, which the Countess of Grignan maintained a rich correspondence with her mother, Madame de Sévigné. Saved by the fame of Madame de Sévigné, the castle can be visited.

It can also be discovered in a roundabout way. Its majestic façade is used every summer as a backdrop for plays for the Nocturnal Festivals, and its gardens serve as a venue for jazz or classical music concerts. So many events that give it a pleasant breath of life.

Another curiosity of the city, the museum-workshop of printing and typography. Worthy of being known, it offers an enriching, atypical and witty visit. It is also the opportunity to walk in the old town, which is also charming.


To prepare for your stay, consult our Ardèche-Drôme sheet.

Drôme Tourism

Drôme Provençale

Go ?

Take the TGV to Montélimar. Afterwards, it is better to rent a car to explore the region.

Where to sleep ?

Find your hotel in Drôme.

Where to eat ?

- Le poème de Grignan, in Grignan: rue Saint-Louis. An elaborate and creative regional cuisine in a romantic restaurant. Menu at 33 €.
- Le Grillon, 33-35 boulevard Meynot in Montélimar: one of the must-sees in Montélimar. Frankish and generous local cuisine. Menu 11 € (lunch) - 33 €

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