Geography United Arab Emirates

Geography United Arab Emirates

Deserts and steppes

The United Arab Emirates occupy the "horn" of the Arabian Peninsula, facing the Strait of Hormuz separating the Persian Gulf from the Gulf of Oman (Indian Ocean). The extreme point of the peninsula (Mussandam), mountainous and difficult to access, however belongs to Oman. All the emirates line up on the shores of the Persian Gulf with the exception of Fujairah, which faces the Gulf of Oman. Offshore, many islands are the subject of territorial disputes with Iran.

The desert interspersed with brush and sebkhas, brackish water basins.

Beyond West Abu Dhabi! Even the Bedouin avoid confronting this hostile environment, where the mercury often crosses the 55 ° C mark in summer.

Geography of the different emirates

In the east, the Emirates are recovering as the Hadjar Mountains, especially Omani. The hostile mountains unroll ranges without vegetation, culminating at an altitude of 1 m. From time to time, oases and dusty towns have sprung up on the copper and incense trade routes.

In L'emirate of Fujairah, the foothills rush to meet the Indian Ocean: the rugged coast is clad in the north with cliffs, a prelude to the wild djebels of the Mussandam peninsula.

From Abu Dhabi (80% of the territory) to Ajman (0,3%), the emirates are of very disparate sizes. The country presents an improbable division of “pockets” and “dependencies” intertwined.

Thus, Dubai is itself surrounded by the emirate of Fujairah! This strange division was made by the English at the time when the region was one of their protectorates, known as the Côte de la Trêve.

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