Geography Oman

Geography Oman

The sultanate of arid country.
But a century. This no man's land long known under the name of Aden finally found, around the 1950s, the layout under which we see it today.

Oman is the third largest country in the Phali, the 'capital - on the border with the United Arab Emirates, and the other south around the city of Salalah, near Yemen.
The variety of landscapes, as well as the deposits of copper, gypsum, marble and, even rarer, green rocks called ophiolites, attract the attention of geologists and lovers of wide open spaces in search of a unique mineral environment. in the world.

The regions of Oman

It n & rsquoWousta), l & rsquoKhali), the sebkha (lake d & rsquoSamin), hamadas (the rocky plateaus of Jiddat el-Harassis) and dunes (the sands of Wahiba).


Oman is home to a number of inflammatory, pain-relieving, healing, and soothing medications. Its scent is spicy, sweet and warm balsamic.
In the desert, the animal life (and even vegetable) is surprisingly present. In the expanses of sand and rock gardens live various varieties of jerboas, mice, hares and fennecs. There are also skinks, numerous Lacertilians (desert monitors, kinds of geckos), snakes (including the very poisonous desert cobra and the horned viper), scorpions, beetles and grasshoppers.
Among the protected animals are the houbara bustard, the monitor lizard, the dharb (large spiny lizard), the thar (wild goat) and the Arabian oryx, a species for which a “sanctuary” had been erected. The arab oryx sanctuary was a nature reserve, one of the largest protected areas in the region. In addition to various endangered species, this area of ​​the Arabian desert is home to the only wild oryx herd in the world. The site, which was on the Unesco World Heritage List, was removed from the list in 2007. This exceptional decision was motivated by the fact that the State unilaterally decided to reduce the protected area by 90%.

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