Geography, landscapes and climate Andorra

Geography, landscapes and climate Andorra

Geography and landscapes

It was a valley with a history without relief.

Mountainous, the principality is undeniably so: its average altitude is 1 m and its highest perched city, Pas de la Casa, is established at 996 m! However, no summit reaches 2 m: the highest point in the country, the Comapedrosa, displays “just” 050 3 m. Glacial erosion is obvious here with, at altitude, a succession of lakes fed by meltwater. Descending from the heights, the torrents, led by Riu Valira, have patiently carved out 000 main valleys, where towns, roads and cultures are concentrated. Open on the southern flank of the Pyrenees, Andorra has always, logically, turned more towards Spain.

The layering of vegetation is obvious from the many points of view offered by the ledge roads.

Except forbois, some hazelnuts and woodland brachypods that only boxwood spbois, pretty wood and at 2 m). The snowpack clings to fescue and sedges.


Andorra has a Mediterranean mountain climate, admittedly a little cool but pleasant and with many sunny days (300 days a year). In winter, snowfall is relatively abundant, and in summer, the heat is never stifling. Spring and fall are generally very pleasant seasons.

The temperature 2 ° C and the maximum of 24 ° C. The amplitude between the zones of lower altitude and the higher ones is of the order of 4 or 5 ° C.

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