Geography and landscapes Tasmania

Geography and landscapes Tasmania

Australia's southernmost and smallest state (apart from the Capital Territory of Australia), Tasmania is located 240 km south-east of mainland Australia. It is separated from it by the tumultuous waters of the Bass Strait. Tasmania is bathed in the west by the Indian Ocean, in the east by the Tasman Sea; 2 km further south is Antarctica.

This state brings together more than 300 islands and islets scattered around the main island. Water is present everywhere, whether it is the sea, the glacial lakes in the center of the island or its many rivers. The land is fertile, rich in coal and minerals such as copper, zinc, lead, silver and iron. Tasmania has a vast primary humid forest, of which the part located in the south-west of the island is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A wild and contrasting territory, it also presents many mountains over 1 m above sea level as long white sand beaches. Elsewhere, the ribs tear in cliffs dizzying.

Most of the population is gathered in the south-east, around Hobart, the capital, and in the north, between Launceston and Burnie. Most of Tasmania is rural and its lush green landscapes are more reminiscent of Northern Europe than the Australian bush.

The western third of the territory, wooded and mountainous, is wild and isolated, while the eastern coast, surrounded by endless white sand beaches, is very popular with tourists. In the center, the plateaus of the great lakes are sparsely populated.


We find in Australia a unique fauna in the world, whose specificity comes from the fact that it evolved on a continent isolated from the rest of the planet.

In Tasmania, as with its big Australian sister, live many marsupials, these funny mammals which finish the gestation of their young in their ventral pouch. Let us quote all kinds of wallabies, the possums, the wombats and the most famous representative of the island, the Tasmanian devil.

The latter has a particularity: it is carnivorous, which explains Taz's large teeth! If the animal is certain to pass to posterity thanks to its cartoonish avatar, it is now threatened with extinction. A strange epidemic of cancer, which manifests itself in atrocious facial tumors condemning the animal to a slow death (of hunger), gradually decimates the species. Researchers are trying to contain the epidemic as best they can, but so far, no treatment has been found.

Le tasmanian tiger, he is considered officially disappeared since 1936.

Another category, even more surprising: monotremes. To put it simply, let's say that these are mammals… which lay eggs! This is the case withechidna, which is reminiscent of a hedgehog with long spines, andplatypus. To form the latter, legend has it that the Creator gathered all that was left in his store: a duck's beak and legs, a beaver tail and an otter body… We let you imagine the result!

As for marine animals, many large mammals are present not far from the coast of Tasmania: whales, seals, dolphins. You can also observe penguins there.

In national parks, especially at nightfall, you can see some of these animals up close. Possums or wallabies will not hesitate to come and lick your pot bottoms. It's cute, but don't let that get you down: it is forbidden to feed them. It is for their good!

If you drive at night, attention not to run over with stupid ones. Drive carefully!


Tasmania has, for similar reasons, a unique flora in the world. Giant eucalyptus trees and trees of prehistoric origin form a vast primary forest, today threatened by logging which is often very poorly managed.

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