Geography and landscapes Serbia

Geography and landscapes Serbia

Serbia is stuck between two worlds. To the north, through the province of Vojvodina, it opens onto the great central European plain and, to the south, it leans against the rugged ranges of the Balkans. Since Montenegro's independence in 2006, the country no longer has any outlet to the sea.


Most of the territory (92%) is drained by the Danube which, with its two main tributaries Serbs, the Tisza in the north and the Morava in the south, draws across the country a major axis of penetration extending from the borders of Hungary to those of Bulgaria.

This corridor of fertile plains made Serbia a natural passageway between Central Europe and the Aegean Sea - and brought it many invasions ...

Stretched over 2 km between its German source and its Romanian delta, the Danube crosses Serbia for approximately 850 km. Approaching the Carpathians, it clears a path between high cliffs, drawing several successive passages of narrow gorges (588 m), called "Iron Gates".


Very rugged massifs surround the Morava valley and delimit the entire southern third of Serbia:
- to the east, the first fruits of the Carpathians andend of the balkans proper (Stara Planina, culminating in Midzor at 2 m) to the south, the Rhodopes, then the links of Mokra gora (2 m) and Kopaonik (2 m) approaching Kosovo from the west, against Bosnia, the high hills of Zlatibor (1 m), the country's main high-altitude tourist region.

These mountains are not very high, but their interlocking historically made movement difficult (and resistance to invaders easy).

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