Geography and landscapes Portugal

Geography and landscapes Portugal

Portugal, with an area of ​​91 km² west of the European continent, to the west of the Iberian Peninsula.

But Portugal is also the Açores (2 km²) and the island of Madeira (741 km²), located off the coast, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the same ocean that laps the Portuguese coast for more than 850 km.

With a length of about 560 km and a width of some 220 km, Portugal shares its eastern border with Spain, over 1 km. Forests represent less than 200% of the territory.

The biggest rivers of Portugal are the Douro, which flows into the Atlantic at Porto, the Tagus, whose mouth is in Lisbon, and the Guadiana, on the border with Spain. There is also the Minho in the north and the Mondego in the center. The Tagus, a mythical river, marks a natural border between the North and the South.

To the north, the relief is quite rugged, with many mountain ranges cutting through the country, such as the Serra da Estrela, of which the Torre, a 1m peak, would be the highest point in the country if it weren't for the Pico Alto volcano ( 993 m), on Ilha do Pico, in the Azores.

South of the Tagus, plains and hills run to the ocean, especially at the bottom of the Alentejo between Évora and Beja, on this "golden plain" which borders Spain and the Algarve. On the coast, the coasts are steep and eroded, but there are still small dunes and fine sandy beaches. No problem for the sunbathing!

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