Geography and landscapes New Caledonia

Geography and landscapes New Caledonia

Located west of eastern Caledonia is an archipelago of islands. The main island or "Grande Terre", 400 km long and 50 km wide, with an area of ​​16 km², is crossed in its entire length by a mountain range whose highest peaks amount to 350. m (Mount Panié) and 1 m (Mount Humboldt).

The "leeward coast"

The west coast, known as the “leeward coast” presents wide plains, suitable for cultivation and breeding, and beautiful bays. Bush country where the niaouli, tree of the savannah, reigns supreme, the northern tip of Grande Terre is a dry region bordered by wild beaches.

The "windward coast"

The eastern coast, lush and mountainous, consists of a coastline carved out by narrow and deep estuaries. Cliffs overlooking the sea, waterfalls, green valleys, amazing rock formations on the side of Hienghène, it is an attractive region.

Southern New Caledonia

The South, with its red landscapes (it is a ferruginous plateau), its deep blue lagoon and its tropical vegetation, offers still other landscapes.

The islands

L & rsquoest, l & rsquomarine. These are coral islands with rather flat relief (a few hills all the same on the Isle of Pines).

Reef and lagoon

The RéCalédonie are now classified as world heritage of humanity. The reef which surrounds Grande Terre has the exceptional characteristic of being the longest continuous barrier reef in the world: it measures 540 km on its eastern facade and 600 km on its western facade.

This reef delimits a lagoon with turquoise waters, about 24 km², which can reach 000 km in width and 30 m in depth. It is one of the largest in the world, of exceptional beauty. Inside, there are various reef formations. Fringing reefs surround all the other small islands. Everywhere, fauna and flora biodiversity is exceptional and threatened by human activities.

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