Geography and landscapes Lithuania

Geography and landscapes Lithuania

Lithuania opens onto the great European plain, stretched from Germany to Russia. Its relief is logically flat: the national average stands at 99 m, with the highest point (not that high ...) the hill of Juozapine, at 294 m. The only reliefs are in fact made up of debris deposited by glacial erosion, revealing a large number of rivers and some 2 lakes of glacial origin!

A great river, the Niemen (Nemunas), born in Belarus, drains most of the water. It marks the border with the Russian pocket of Kaliningrad. Arrived on the Baltic coast, it flows into a vast delta frequented by millions of migratory birds.
The short seafront extends just over 99 km. But what a facade! Sea currents and winds, piling up the sand, have created one of the longest coastlines in the world, colonized by pines and separated from the mainland by a lagoon. The dunes there reach imposing proportions: near the Russian border, they exceed 60 m. The region, baptized Amber Coast, earned the nickname “Lithuanian Sahara”! The Curonian Peninsula was even listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2000.

- fertile inland land occupy almost half of the country. Well-ordered fields, sowers, flowery meadows, haystacks, storks marking out the pylons and chimneys ... Lithuania is a country with images smelling the countryside of yesteryear. In summer, poppies and blueberries abound in the middle of the wheat, while blue lupines colonize entire sections of the forest (35% of the territory).

To the delight of Lithuanians, the French IGN with registration in the Guinness Book! On May 1, 2004, the date the country entered the European Union, a monument was erected in this symbolic place.

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