Geography and landscapes Estonia

Geography and landscapes Estonia

It's hard to be flatter ... Flattened by the retreat of the glaciers 10 years ago, Estonia looks a bit like a pancake riddled with lacs and spread with forests.

The highest point of the country, the Suur Munamägi, close to the Latvian border, reaches just 318 m. A tower has been installed there to enjoy the panorama of the tide of fir trees that surrounds it!

Marshes and eddies, could jump from branch to branch from the shores of the Baltic to Moscow ...
To the east of the country extends the Peipus lake, shared with Russia; it is the fourth largest in Europe (six times Lake Geneva!).

Open to Peil every year new: it is the effect of isostatic rebound, the lifting of the ground freed from the colossal mass of the Würm glaciers. The country is still recovering by 3 mm per year!

The natural environment, well preserved as a whole, shelters animal species elsewhere that have disappeared or become very rare: wolves, bears and lynxes by the hundreds, moose by the thousands, beavers, seals, eagles, etc.

Around 10% of Estonian territory is now protected, in particular on the coasts, placed in the axis of migration of many species of birds.

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