Geography and landscapes Canada

Geography and landscapes Canada

Canada is the land of great virgin spaces. He united, purely arbitrary, more or less follows the clear path, beyond the polar circle.

The Canadian territory can be divided into five main zones:

  • the east (Maritime provinces);
  • the “Laurent, southern Ontario and Quebec);
  • the Prairies (Manitoba, Saskatchewan and part of Alberta);
  • the Rockies to the west, which extend into the Yukon;
  • the Pacific coast, bathed by relatively mild temperatures and frequent rains.

The Northwest Territories and Nunavut, from the Rockies to Hudson Bay, as well as the Arctic Islands and northern Labrador are the domain of "bare lands" or barren grounds constituting a "sixth zone" exploded.

The West is a restaurant and a Great Lakes; the Toronto and Montreal regions dominate economic and cultural activity.

We distinguish theatlantic space (New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Edward Island), facing the ocean, even though agriculture still plays an important role.

In the center, the Québec andOntario have long been the dynamic axis of Canada. Montreal played the leading role in the country's development until the 1960s, but the Quebec metropolis is now left behind by Toronto. Ontario has established itself as the richest province in Canada in terms of agriculture and industry, thanks to significant natural resources (iron, potash, sulfur, coal). Toronto thus became the true economic capital of Canada, followed by Ottawa, federal capital and influential administrative city.

- Prairies include southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, a vast plain devoted to cattle ranching and agriculture. The arrival of the railway allowed the development of Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon, and the discovery of oil propelled Calgary.

Finally, the faBritish. Industrial and commercial, it exports mainly to Asia, where a third of its inhabitants originate.

As to Great Canadian North, vast and little exploited, it develops small urban centers with administrative and commercial vocation. Refuges of Amerindian civilization, these sparsely populated territories are rarely talked about.

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