Geography and landscapes Abu Dhabi

Geography and landscapes Abu Dhabi

Covering alone 80% of the territory of the United Arab Emirates (67 km340), a little less than Ireland, Abu Dhabi is delimited to the north by the Persian Gulf - dotted with some 2 low islands -, to the south by the 'Saudi Arabia and the east by the Sultanate of Oman. On the east side are the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah.

Much of the emirate of Abu Dhabi is made up of a large and monotonous semi-desert coastal plain bordering the Persian Gulf, where the eponymous capital is located. The coastline is mainly underlined by beaches, remains of mangroves and marine sebkhas, lowlands subject to the episodic influence of high tides and storms, where a kind of salty crust forms.

Set back, 25-40 km from the gulf, the orange dunes of Rub al Khali ("Empty quarter"), the largest sand desert in the world extended over nearly 1000 km long and 500 km wide (650 km²). The highest dunes form around the Liwa oasis ; the largest, Moreeb, which reaches nearly 300 m (world record), is the scene of a motor sports festival every year ... This environment in perpetual motion, incessantly redesigned by winds and sandstorms, is d 'such hostility that no man dwells in it. From time to time, interdune sebkhas are forming in the salt plains.

To the east of the emirate, the terrain is gradually recovering as the Al-Hadjar Mountains - whose spine stretches mainly over the territory of Oman. At the gates of Al Ain, the Jebel Hafeet marks the highest point of the emirate, at 1 m. Real lookout on the eastern region, it is served by a wide and beautiful road.

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