Geography and climate Tuscany

Geography and climate Tuscany


Geography, whether human, economic or electoral, reserves for Tuscany a pivotal position between the North and the Mezzogiorno. Almost landlocked to the north and east by the Apennine mountains, and open to the vast plain of Roman Lazio, this region is too diverse to form a homogeneous whole.

- To the south, from the side, the green valleys and forests of Montagnola and the Merse valley, land of logging and timber exploitation.

- In the center, between Siena and Florence, the Chianti region is a land, not only of vines, but also of fruit trees and olive trees. It is its substrate, made up of both sandy, stony, clayey and sandy deposits, associated with the microclimates caused by the great variety of exposure of the plots, which makes the richness of this wine made up of over 90% Sangiovese grape. .

- The Arno Valley: main axis (not to say unique) of the region, it alone concentrates most of the habitat of the 2 regions. Crossed right through by the Sun motorway (A1), it is the heart of Tuscan activity.

The Arno river

Only 241 km long, the Arno takes its source at Mount Falterona (1 m), in the Apennines, then it follows a loop to the south, crosses Florence and flows west, passing through Empoli, Pontedera and Pisa. . Then, at the end of the route, it descends towards the Ligurian Sea where it flows 385 km north of Livorno. In Florence, this river marks the separation between the 10 banks: Oltrarno (left bank) and Lungarno (right bank).

Each year 1504, Leonardo da Vinci had presented the city of Florence with a project to divert the Arno to build a sort of canal connecting the city of the Medici to the sea. Leonardo's concern was the same as today: to avoid the terrible floods!


Tuscany is a transition region between the North and the Mediterranean climate of the Mezzogiorno. The topography of Florence and Siena means that in summer it can be very, very hot ... as we can also fear torrential rains (especially in August). No wonder that Florentines, Sienese and even wealthy Milanese take refuge in their country houses in the Tuscan heights in summer.

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