Gastronomic trip: 6 destination ideas to travel with your taste buds

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For many French people, cooking is an essential component of savoir-vivre. Our beautiful country is full of cities and regions firmly rooted in their culinary identity but, no offense to the most chauvinists, the world is home to other refuges of taste and flavors. Local products and the skills of the greatest chefs are a good reason to explore it and we have therefore decided to offer you various destinations to help you select your future gastronomic trip. 

Are you looking for a destination as exotic as it is gourmet? Follow our guide to gastronomic travel!

A gastronomic journey to Singapore, the crossroads of Asian cuisine

A true hub of the Asian economy, Singapore is a meeting place that attracts tourists and businessmen from all over the world. Everyone comes to explore the local traditions but, little by little, the expatriates have also promoted their culinary particularities., shaping a country steeped in various influences in this area. 

Street food in Singapore

Singapore is thus a temple of gastronomic travel for those looking for an ideal place to savor all the culinary flavors of Asia. A tandoori in the small alleys of Little India, Malaysian specialties in the "food courts" hidden in the small side streets or a delicious stingray wing poached in a Chinese restaurant, all tastes are in Singapore!

Mexico, a paradise for spicy cuisine

The gastronomic journey is also the opportunity to rub shoulders with dishes strong in character, far from the sanitized canons of our Western cuisine. Mexico City is a bustling, dynamic and festive city and these orientations are found even on the plates of the capital. The cuisine here is spicy, colorful and lively. With its colorful tones and pungent smells, Mexican cuisine clearly displays its character with its caliente taste like embers, which never disappoints the gastronomic adventurer. 

Gastronomic trip to Mexico, beware it stings!

From breakfast, you can take off your taste buds with huevos a la mexicana, eggs served with peppers, tomatoes, mashed beans and onions. Ideal to hold until noon! The Mexican heat is not due to the blazing sun alone. In spicy carnitas tacos, a fresh guacamole or even a cinnamon hot chocolate, each of these dishes is a real gastronomic journey of a thousand flavors.   

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An exploration of taste in Peru

Peru is an effervescent country, whose cuisine balances between traditions descended from the mountains and influences from elsewhere. Spanish, Indian and even Japanese, these form the canvas of a protean gastronomy, to which local chefs do credit by promoting local products. A gastronomic trip to Peru is a kind of return to the land and to authenticity, but always with a touch of inventiveness. 

Ceviche, a typical dish from Peru

Peruvian cuisine is indeed one of the most dynamic in the world.. Here, the taste experience is essential for the tourist on the go. Typical products such as quinoa, potato, avocado or chili are endlessly worked on by chefs to breathe new life into this cuisine which never fails. And if you prefer tradition, try the ceviche, a national dish and a true emblem of the country.

La route des vins all-around the world

For expert oenologists and amateur tourists alike, the wine route is a must. This gastronomic journey par excellence takes place traditionally in the regions of Burgundy, Rhône or Bordelais. but these are only parts of the world wine route. Even if the French sometimes find it hard to admit it, the planet is home to other renowned wine regions and it would be a shame not to explore them. 

Gastronomic journey around wines

Chile is very often named at the top of the list of South American wine producers. Between Santiago and Valparaiso, you will discover exceptional wines, from vineyards planted in sublime landscapes. In South Africa, the coastline is just as beautiful and the local winegrowers knew how to take advantage of the relatively temperate conditions to do their alchemical work. Some wineries here are the most prestigious in the world. Finally, we cannot forget Italy which, from Piedmont to Chianti, offers beautiful gastronomic tables filled with liquids of exceptional colors and flavors

Senegal and the renewal of African cuisine

Senegal has always been a crossroads attracting to itself the many passageways that linked the various parts of the African continent. Nowadays, these means of communication are gradually abandoned in favor of faster means of transport but many chefs have been able to perpetuate the culinary tradition established on the basis of a wide variety of influences

Senegalese dish

In the streets of Dakar, one can find some of the most renowned starred restaurants on the continent. Traditional local cereals, such as millet or fonio, are still on the menu, but local chefs are also adept at innovation and have known how to sublimate them in dishes with global culinary influences. Fish, seafood, peanuts and okra are among the flagship products of this promising cuisine. a rich and surprising gastronomic journey for our European taste buds.   

Lyon, capital of French gastronomic travel

While the gastronomic journey is necessarily an extraordinary experience, that does not mean that you have to travel to the other side of the world. From North to south, France is a real kaleidoscope of local customs and culinary traditions which would have been impossible to list in such a short article. We therefore decided to focus on Lyon, the city that is often presented as the gastronomic capital of France. 

Gastronomic trip to Lyon: the coq au vin

The very one who saw the birth of Paul Bocuse first of all enjoys a very favorable geographical location. Between rivers and mountains, Lyon attracts the best local products. Cheeses, fish, wines, meats and vegetables from the surrounding regions embellish the plates of Lyon's corks after having passed through the expert hands of local cooks. We particularly recommend the pike quenelles, the coq au vin or the pistachio sausage.. French cuisine that is both invigorating and subtle!

Tempting destinations

Traveling the world in search of new experiences is the best way to satisfy our romantic needs. Man is an explorer animal who can only rarely be satisfied with his local environment. The gastronomic journey is unique in that it combines an internal sensory excursion with a change of scenery for the eyes and ears.. So, if you are in need of novelty, go quickly on the paths and follow your sharp flair, you will always find a cook to support you!

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