Full-Day Swim with Dolphins from Perth

Swim with wild dolphins in the sheltered bays and islands off Rockingham, just 40 minutes' drive from Perth. It will be a unique opportunity to interact with dolphins in their natural environment. Over the 20 years the crew has befriended over 200 local dolphins, and that familiarity makes for an incredible day of interacting with these amazing intelligent creatures.

Your day will begin with a coach transfer from Perth. Upon arrival in Rockingham, you will board the vessel with a large stern platform, making access to the water very easy.

After your team finds a pod, you'll put on your wetsuits, masks and snorkels (all gear included), for a dive of pure fun that you'll quickly be surrounded by the hissing and splashing of excited dolphins arriving to play. . Although many resorts offer the opportunity to swim with dolphins, the crew's rapport with these marine mammals has created one of the best dolphin swim tours in Australia. Best of all, Rockingham is only a 40-minute drive from Perth, making it an easy day trip.

After your swim, you will be served refreshments on the boat on your return trip to Perth.

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