Frankfurt tour

Take part in a two-hour open-top bus tour in Frankfurt and discover the contrasting sides of Frankfurt. Commonly referred to as the center of international trade, the city of Frankfurt actually has many different facets, including stunning baroque architecture, bustling squares and impressive modern skyscrapers.
You'll see the famous Römer (City Hall), stroll through the old Sachsenhausen quarter, and marvel at the elegant buildings of Frankfurt's European Banking Center.

Departing by open-top bus, your Frankfurt tour will take you to Römer Town Hall. Built in the XNUMXth century, the Römer is Frankfurt's most important historic building, and owes its name to Roman hamlets that existed long before Frankfurt was founded.
From the Römer, you will leave your bus for a leisurely stroll through the historic heart of the city. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture architecturally surprising buildings such as St. Paul's Church and Frankfurt Cathedral (Gotischer Kirchturm). The tour will then continue to Old Sachsenhausen, a pedestrian area of ​​Frankfurt famous for its lively cafes, bars and restaurants.
Back in your open-top bus, you'll travel in comfort to Frankfurt's modern European Banking Center, where you'll see the soaring skyscrapers that characterize the city's towering skyline. On your way to the Financial District, you'll pass Goethe House, the former home of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, an XNUMXth-century German literary genius and poet.
Other important Frankfurt attractions you'll discover before your XNUMX-hour guided tour ends include the old Hauptwache Plaza, with its beautiful Baroque buildings, and the famous Zeil shopping mall.

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