Food, Food & Drink National Parks of the American West

Food, Food & Drink National Parks of the American West


American cuisine has long been primarily about food ... But to say that the average American eats poorly and too much is a bit simplistic.
Of course, no food hygiene is learned at school or at home. And the quantity is systematically too large.

As always, it is the catéfood that a supermarket ...

This is certainly less than in California.
Le phepays.

  • More info on cooking in the United States.

Southwest cuisine

At cofoods, amémex restaurants, that two eMexico, the chile is almost a religion. And if you don't know which sauce to choose, then adopt the Christmas-style: a little green and a little red (just missing the white beard ...)!

Other iconic Southwest cuisine products: beans (frijoles), blue corn bread (“blue” corn bread or muffins) and, in Indian areas, the fry bread (navajo or pueblo) - a pancake of fried bread (sometimes fatty) -, which is generally served as a "taco" covered with a mountain of salad, tomato, grated cheese (industrial), meat and sauce. Not always very fine (nor dietetic).


Non-alcoholic drinks

- Ice water: in restaurants, the custom is to immediately serve a glass of ice water to any consumer. Americans are fans of tap water and consume very little mineral water in restaurants.

- Coffee : le american coffee basic (regular or American coffee) is very long and sometimes served at will (free refills), in particular at breakfast. Americans drink it everywhere all day long.

If you want black coffee, specify black coffee. In cities, coffee roasters (Artisanal roasters) a little trendy are more and more numerous. It serves a whole range of coffees made with quality beans: drip coffee ou for over (freshly ground coffee drip through a filter placed on the cup), American (long espresso with hot water), cut (very tight espresso with milk micro-foam), Cappuccino (espresso and light milk foam on it), caffe latte (thicker milk froth), spotted (espresso "stained" with a hint of milk foam, the equivalent of our hazelnut) ...

- Tea: amateurs will not always be at the party. In diners and other popular cafes, it is still often the bag of Lipton Yellow (black tea) which reigns supreme ... sometimes with the green tea option (green tea) or herbal tea (herbal tea), but not always. As with coffee, quality teas are more and more popular in coffee houses.

- Cocas and sodas: Améfoods, coffee-shops and other small restaurants, these are even served "at the pump" (soda fountain) or we ask for a free refill.

- Smoothies: they are cocktails of fruits and / or vegetables mixed and mixed with yogurt, milk, soya milk and / or ice cream, or even cereals. Sometimes energy supplements are added. The juice bars freshly pressed are more than ever on the rise. Riding the organic wave, they offer detox and healthy juices.

- Milkshakes: smoothies made from milk mixed with large ladles of vanilla, banana, strawberry ice cream ...

- Floats or ice cream sodas: another cultural experience not to be missed! This is a glass of soda (usually Coke) or root beer (this unusual drink with a medicinal taste that has nothing to do with beer) in which we place a scoop of ice cream. vanilla.


Americans' relationship to alcohol is not as straightforward as it is here. The society, conservative and puritanical, authorizes the sale of firearms but strictly regulates everything related to “taboo” pleasures (sex and alcohol).

In some counties (countyMexico). In the dry counties, these are rather located in the Deep South (Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky ...).

Dating back to the prohibition era and never amended, these local laws have mostly survived under the influence of religious groups.

Note however that in Arizona and Utah, only the State has the right to regulate the distribution of alcohol: the spirit of the times is liberalization. Until 2009, in Mormon Utah, you had to have a membership card to drink alcohol in a bar!

Do not forget your papers (ID), as many bistros, bars and nightclubs require them at the entrance.

- Minimum age: you will not be served alcohol if you do not have the 21th anniversary or if you can't prove it that you have them. Do not be surprised that you are asked for your papers, even if you are over 35, it is common.

- Supervised sale and consumption: in most states it is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol on the street. So we lower our can of beer into a paper bag, neither seen nor known. Likewise, alcohol is not served on the sidewalk cafes! Beer and wine can be bought in supermarkets and grocery stores, but other alcoholic drinks can only be found in liquor stores, at regulated times.
Again, your papers will be required at checkout. The sale of alcohol is in principle prohibited on Indian reserves. Likewise, the closing times of bars and clubs are also set by the State (at 2 a.m., everyone packs up), with the possibility of local amendment.

- The bièUnis, we cannot recommend enough that you favor the microbreweries (microbreweries) which have flourished everywhere for the past 15 years. They brew excellent local craft beers with character.
A draft beer is called draft beer.

  • - chosen are top fermentation beers with a higher alcohol content.
  • - stock, brown, blond or amber, are low fermentation beers with good conservation, the least alcoholic and the most common; in this family, the pilsner are blonde lager.
  • - wheat are light and cloudy beers, made largely from wheat malt.

- Wines : Gone are the days when California was seen as the poor relation of European vineyards ... Progress has been considerable over the past two decades and many American vintages now hold the high priority to Old World wines.

A spéUnis remain mostly faithful to the single varietal tradition.

Some restaurants that do not have an alcohol license apply the principle of Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB): you are then entitled to bring your own bottle of wine or beer, which has the advantage of considerably reducing the bill, even if a small corking fee is required.

- Happy hour: many bars attract crowds after work, on weekdays, usually between 16 p.m. and 18 p.m. (or 19 p.m.), offering them half price on certain spirits, especially beers.

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