Food, food and drink Turkey

Food, food and drink Turkey


Originally nomads, the Turks had to adapt their recipes to circumstances and places. Their cuisine was influenced, between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, by those of the countries conquered by the Ottoman Empire (the Balkans, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Cyprus and the Maghreb countries) .

Turkish specialties

Turkish cuisine is tasty and varied, with specialties also found in Greece, Lebanon and Iran.

- As a starter, soupes Turks (çorba) would awaken a battalion of janissaries. Tripe soup, excellent if you are a fan, is served in special places. It is a very effective remedy (well, it seems!) For hangovers.

- The appetizers are grouped under the name of half. Next to shrimp, cheese, beans, try the börek (puff pastry) with cheese or minced meat. The cacýk is a starter made with yogurt, grated cucumbers, grated cucumbers, olive oil and garlic. It is the equivalent of Greek tzatziki. The flagship of the mezze, dolma are vine leaves, peppers, cabbage, etc., stuffed with rice, served with spices, pine nuts and raisins.

- Others eggplant stuffed with Le baked potato is a large potato baked in the oven, in its skin, then stuffed with cheese, butter and various raw vegetables. Very stuffy ...

- The rice and bulghur (rather roasted wheat The gü In the restaurants of fish, you hey The pide are pizzas without tomato sauce, topped with minced meat with onions or cheese. Very widespread and inexpensive.

Other delicacies await you:
- lahmacun, a kind of round and thin pizza bury poğhungry pasty, topped miniravioli Turkish bread is served in thick, layered slices.

- The country has countless cheese, but the most popular are beyaz peynir, from the feta family, and kaþar peynir (a bit like gouda).

- Hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and pine nuts.
- Leblebi are roasted chickpeas.

- Special The real yogurt is Turkish. It accompanies meats and various dishes, therefore often replaces sauces. We eat it rather salty.

- On Easter, künefe is a dessert with angel hair filled with melted cheese and served lukewarm.

- On the côBahremkale, there is an astonishing dessert with anchovies. The dried fruit and berry aşure is eaten all over the country. Confectionery is not bad either, especially the famous rose petal jam.

- Turkish delights: one of the glories of the country! These are small cubes of sweet dough. The basic Turkish delight are translucent white, but they can be scented with rose, mint, pistachio, hazelnut, etc. Turkish delights can be kept for about 6 months.

- The helva is the essential sweetness made from sesame. Polonezköy honey is famous.

- Profiterole was invented at the beginning of the XNUMXth century in an Albanian pastry shop in Péra.

- For the chocolates, the famous brand Mabel de Galata is distributed throughout the country.

- The fruits : peaches and cherries come from the Bursa region, the best apricots and figs from Malatya. Oranges, mandarins and lemons come from the South. Figs, watermelons, melons and tomatoes are grown all over the place. The Smyrna (İzmir) grape is seedless and very sweet.



Those are the Ottomans who gave to say your future in the market ...


A national drink, tea is cultivated on the shores of the Black Sea, in the Rize region. It is a black tea, traditionally prepared in a double teapot with the water at the bottom and the tea at the top. It is served in small necked glasses.
The çay, glass of friendship, is often brought from a nearby tea house.

Fruit juices

Excellent, they also have the advantage of being varied: peach, morello cherry, grape, apricot, apple ... The fresh orange juices are pressed in front of you.

The boza

This pale yellow drink with a creamy consistency is made from lightly fermented millet. We only drink it in winter.

Şalgam suyu

Specialty from the Adana region, in the south, but found everywhere. It is actually red turnip juice, sour and very salty. It is as surprising as it is refreshing.


Drink whitened itself. It can be drunk with milk or simply with water. It is served hot, sprinkled with cinnamon. It replaces by far the hot chocolate on winter evenings.


Very popular refreshing drink made from yogurt, water and salt. It accompanies meats and vegetables in oil. It also has the property of reducing the fire of the pepper.

The water

Never drink tap water.


The İzmir region and the entire Aegean coast produce good wines. Others are produced on the islands of Marmara and Avsa, on the north coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara (Şarköy), on the islands of Bozca Ada and Gökçeada, as well as in Cappadocia and in the region of Elaziğ, in the east of the country.


Turkish beer is served on draft or from the bottle. The best known is the Efes Pilsen. Before asking, check if the establishment in which you are offered, in order to avoid certain looks falsely sorry, even angry.

The rakı

Another national drink after tea, raký is the cousin of Greek ouzo. It is an anisette made from black raisins (sometimes plums) which displays 45 °. The Turks cannot do without this drink. Raký is traditionally drunk in 2 glasses: one for the anise liquid, another for water.

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