Food, Food and Drink Mexico

Food, Food and Drink Mexico


Mexicans are the pros of breakfast from 13 p.m. in most restaurants ... in a continental version (fruit juice, coffee, rolls or toast and marmalade), Americano (same thing with eggs - al gusto - in addition) or mexicano . In the latter case, the eggs - which are the centerpiece of the breakfast - are prepared with tomatoes, peppers, onions, and always accompanied by the eternal frijoles (mashed red beans).

We then have lunch between 14 p.m. and 16:30 p.m. For those who have been satisfied with a light breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day, as evidenced by the comida corrida, served in most restaurants.

In the evening, these even 22h, later in the big cities or the spa resorts in the evening to say at any time of day. In fact, many restaurants are open continuously.


There are addresses for all budgets and tastes in Mexico. From the cheapest to the most chic:

- The posts, small itinerant bouis-bouis which offer tacos, quesadillas or tortas (sandwiches);

- in each city there is a mercado de la comida inside the main market, a concentration of small counters (the comedores) which serve typical and inexpensive food;

- The fondas, small traditional restaurants which serve full menus for lunch, the famous comida corrida: soup, plate of re There is a wide variety of foods.

Pepper (chile)

You won't cut it! It is the substance that gives its spice to chile, the famous Mexican pepper. It seems that there are more than 250 varieties! The "softest" is the Poblano chile, which is used stuffed with meat. One of the strongest is the Tabasco chile.

Don't hesitate to eat spicy. This food is perfectly adapted to the country: it makes you sweat, eliminates toxins and repels mosquitoes. And peppers disinfect, besides being a good source of vitamins A and C. Mexicans also use them to cure cruda (hangover)!

Warning: the most burger chiles are often the smallest.

Some common dishes

Some of the most typical dishes have a pre-Columbian origin. Rich and varied for some, a little heavy or too spicy for others, Mexican cuisine will please you ... or not.
In the center of the country, one could say that it is a cuisine of poor peasants, based on corn flour, which can achieve a certain refinement. In Yucatán, the flavors become more varied. In the North, we eat good beef meat, and on the coasts a lot of fish and some seafood ...

- The tortilla: it is the basis of Mexican cuisine and accompanies most dishes. Prepared with corn kernels (or more rarely wheat) soaked in a mixture of lime and water. It is given the shape of a pancake.

- The taco: tortilla garnished with b & oelig meat L & rsquo The quesadilla: tortilla garnished with your choice of cheese, meat, mushrooms, flor de calabaza (courgette flower), brains & hellip The chicharrón: sort of giant crisps that can be found in all markets. It is actually pig skin dried in the sun and then fried in oil.

- Guacamole : mash The chilaquiles: pieces of fried tortilla with onions, râ cheese Gorditas: «The burritos: meat, beans, onions, spices, chili and vegetables wrapped in a wheat flour tortilla. If fried, the burrito becomes chimichanga.

Tropical fruits

Mexico is the paradise of tropical fruits: pineapple, bananas, papaya, mango, guava; and others less well known. 


What do you drink?).

- The water : we don't drink that from the tap, let's face it! It is not really drinkable. Even Mexicans avoid drinking it and instead buy large 10 or 20 liter carboys of filtered water. Many hotels provide them at reception and in rooms. Still water is said to be agua sola ... Carbonated water is said to be agua mineral.

- Beer (cerveza): almost a national drink! Besides the famous Corona, we know the Sol, but there are dozens of other brands.

- Main competitors of bièCola and Pepsi reign supreme.

- Fruit juices : they can be shake.

- Aga fresca: another typical drink, also called agua de sabor ("water of taste") and, more generally, just agua. It is served with the daily menu in popular restaurants. It most often refers to a drink prepared from liquefied fruit, water and sugar. Note that it can also be based on purified almond water (almond), rice and cinnamon (horchata), flavored with lemon or orange juice (Lemonade et naranjada), or even with hibiscus flowers (Jamaica) the equivalent of the African bissap or the Egyptian karkadé. Very refreshing and inexpensive.

- The coffee, although Mexico is a producer, is rather "sock juice" in its Americano coffee version. But you can also easily find espresso and cappuccino nowadays in all the good restaurants and cafes of the big cities and tourist places. Served in popular restaurants and markets, the cafe de olla is prepared in large earthenware jars and flavored with cinnamon and sugar cane juice.

- La tequila : it is THE national drink. There is plenty to choose from with over 500 brands and just as many bottle shapes.
Drinking tequila is a ritual: put a pinch of salt on the back of the hand (in the hollow between the tendons of the thumb and forefinger), swallow it, then drink the tequila upside down and finish by sucking a quarter lime.

- Para todo evil, mezcal, y para todo bien, tambiéàdire a white or red worm that lives in the maguey… To eat!

- Pre-Hispanic alcohol is called pulque. It is made from maguey sap, fermented instead of being distilled. It can be drunk plain or fruity.

- The mexican wines are numerous and come, for the most part, from Baja California and the Hidalgo. Those of good quality are still quite expensive. There are no less than 300 labels in Mexico today.

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